How I managed to run two WhatsApp accounts on a Gtel phone


This method works on Android 4.1 to 4.4! There is no need use it on Android 5.0 as this feature is built in natively!

I wanted to run a certain social media campaign for someone and I didn’t want to use my personal WhatsApp account for her! She was not on WhatsApp for some strange reason and I didnt want to buy a new phone for a two weeks campaign!

I managed to run two separate accounts on one phone! Each account had its own number and it ran the original WhatsApps not these modified WahtsApps that can get you banned from WhatsApp

Step One

Root your phone! Read more about how to easily root your phone here!

Step Two

Install Super User App from the PlayStore! Also install the app called Terminal Emulator from the Play Store!

After I installing these two apps, go to the Terminal Emulator app and you will presented with a black screen. Type in the following commands


After that type in press enter on your keyboard!

You will be presented with a new line!

Type in the following command!

pm user-create Frank

Click in enter again!

After user-create, the name that you type is the name of the account you want!

Quit Terminal Emulator!

To See the account you just created, Long press the power button and on Options, right below you will see Two accounts!

One Written Primary

And the other written Frank (If you chose Frank as the account name)

Tap on Frank and you will enter into your new account!

If you tap on WhatsApp, it will open as a new app which wants you to enter a phone number and set it up!

Set up your second WhatsApp

Proceed as in setting up WhatsApp but make sure the sim with number you want to use is in an active phone!

If the sim is not in the handset that has the new account you want to use, wait for sms verification to fail and then request phone verification! Voila you are in!

How to switch accounts

To return to the main account, long press the power button and choose primary account!

How to delete account

To delete the account Go to Terminal Emulator App and Type in su, then enter and type in

pm remove-user 1

Do not type in

pm remove user 0

as that is the main account!


A strong word of warning!

Terminal Emulator is a powerful app that can delete your entire phone if you type in the wrong commands!

As you can tell from above, there is no warning! It just creates a new user and it also does the same when deleting apps!

Afraid to do this on your own? Contact me Frank on 0773 510 978 easily!


Whatsapp adds push to talk feature as Wechat grows phenomenaly


Whatsapp, the mobile messaging giant will be rolling out updates to its massive chat app soon. Whatsapp will be rollig out a push-tochat feature that is walkie-talkie like!

This new feature, whatsapp says, represent an evolutionary growth to the app! However, this feature has been all along been a part of Wechat. Those of you who are not familiar with Wechat, this is (was) a Whatsapp copycat but it has grown to have its own features that even Whatsapp can only dream of.


This new push-to-talk feature has been Wechat’s feature all along and it seems Whatsapp is now (copying) taking inspiration from Wechat.

However, Whataspp has a massive user base and as of now 31 billion Whatsapp messages are sent on the app everyday. 350 million pictures are shared on the 300 million user base of Whatsapp.

Wechat has 400 million users worldwide and it seems to be the only threat to Whatsapp as of now.

Wechat has many features like games, stickers, live video, recorded video and a healthy e-commerce feature, things Whatsapp does not have.

Is Wechat a real threat to Whatsapp? Maybe! But I think the simplicity of Whataspp and its ease of use make it a darling of many, but without fast innovation, I see wechat overtaking this giant soon.

Dangerous smartphones that exploded in Dictators Faces



Smartphones can be very dangerous! That phone that you have in your pocket has the power to explode in the face of dictators faces. With massive and unheard off computational powers, in-fact, enough power to guide heat seeking missiles of old, patriot missiles inter-continental ballistic missiles and all the weapons of yore had much much less powers that steered them.

With power hungry processors, like the Snapdragons, Qualcomms, Exynos Octa-cores! What can we say about smartphones… they are dangerous! They can explode in the face of iron fisted dictators.

From the stone age days, when our ancestors used fires to communicate, pigeons to send messages and drum beats to call meetings, the need for a mass communication media were there.

The world saw Morse Code, Radio, black and white televisions and all… the world was hungry for receiving communication both ways.

Hitler and his crack panzers military who blitzkrieged fast through Europe, shocking many in the way and the world at such speed relied on effective communication to coordinate their passage through Europe.

The stunning news of how Napoleon and his French forces trickled down nations that had been easily trampled by the statesman, sending waves of joy to the emancipated masses. Even news of his humiliation after he had to be escorted back to France by Russian forces, the very forces he was fighting cascaded to the common man on the street.

News of the juggernaut sea battle, the battle of Jutland, that massive water based shocking war sent tremors around the great powers as news of the heavy losses and sunken fleet reached the mainland.

Nowadays, in the days of point-and-click, the days of touch-and-tap, touch screens and qwerty keyboards, people are getting news fast, faster than the speed of lighting. News is travelling at light speeds.

People want, in fact, people demand news as they happen. Unlike olden days, when massive media companies curated the news to suit their side of the story, waited for set times to beam the news, now news easily flows social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instant Messenger apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber and all.

Online newspapers that are slow in updating stories in real time find users defecting en-masse to more agile news websites.

Hosni Mubarak and Colonel Gaddafi found themselves face to face with combined power of phones and social media. They were toppled and deposed through the use of social media outlets. We read of how rioters coordinated via social media.

The US and UK had to temporarily close access to twitter when they were faced with rowdy protesters burning up buildings whilst they effectively co-ordinated and evaded the police.

With free access to social media, anyone can rally a group of people to support whatever ideology he/she has. Now that is what governments and leaders who have a bone to grind with their citizens have a tendency of systematically blocking access to these platforms.

North Korea and its strange dictator, China and it’s well known Great Firewall block access to free flow of information. They need to peep and glean into what you are communicating, lest you are planning to topple them.

Don’t think the USA and Europeans are clean, at least the Chinese do it overtly, the Americans also want to see what is cooking in your private communications. Under the guise of “intercepting terrorists before they strike” America was caught pants down with its shameless PRISM exposed by Snowden.

With Zimbabwe facing a do or die election people have turned to social media to get updates for the events happening. Stories fly thick and furious across the nets, with accusations and counter accusations. Campaigns and de-campaigns!

People are not going to wait for ZBC to manicure news for them but will push news to their relatives in real time.

In Zimbabwe, in 2008 elections we had to wait for the state media to give us tit-bits of information since we were reeling from sub-zero poverty. We hardly knew what Facebook or whatsapp was!

Now that upwards of four million Zimbabweans have access to the internet, politicians have taken to social media, the news platform that regulates itself.

The social media can make or break a person. Look at Maneta and Roqui! What started as a small squabble on Big Brother Africa spilled onto the social media until Maneta had to “sneak” into the country for fear that Roqui’s fans will pounce and tear her to shreds.

With the help of Facebook, we had a glimpse of the moans of Pokello and Stunner’s shaft after the video spilled onto the social network. People had a field day sending the sex-tape to anyone who cared to watch.

Its really good that we have social media, at least the propagation of information is no longer a one way affair. We are now all journalists. From Ushahidi in Kenya, to people uploading photo’s of the fights in the street, the social media is a tool that no one can expect to escape the tentacles of social media.

Even Dictators find that the phone and social media is a weapon so strong it can be used to make or break kings, nations, relationships o marrriages.

Wechat threatens Whatsapp as SMS make a comeback


Wechat, the Whatsapp Chinese clone that went on have more than 400 million users (In China mostly) has gained momentum autside of China. The app has made a new record, it now has a seismic 70 million users outside of China.

Not only that, the messaging app has taken on a marketing offensive, hiring Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador in 14 Spanish speaking countries.

Wechats roving eye is also eyeing Africa salaciously with Wechat reps in South Africa. Well we all know that “what South Africa is Today, Africa is tommorrow”

The app has some cool new features. I liked the “shake and find” feature. You just shake your phone and anyone else shaking their phone at that moment is conected to you.

Below is the app description from Google Play Store

Free texting, voice messages, and video calls in your pocket. 300 million people love WeChat because it’s fast, reliable, private, and always on.
• Talk faster on the go with voice messages
• Crystal clear voice and video calls
• Instant messaging with group chats and animated smileys
• Chat with your friends or with people nearby
• Sending photos and videos has never been simpler
• Real walkie talkie mode with up to 40 friends
• Always on, no logouts, never miss a message
• Get message alerts instantly with push notifications
• Share, like, and comment on photos with your friends
• Import contacts and add friends instantly
• Available on Android and all other smartphones, all for free

WeChat works over your phone’s existing data plan or any WiFi connection.

However, whatsapp has ever difiently refused to change. The same Whatsapp has stood its ground when other apps are introducing new features.

The same old whatsapp is still the whatsapp we have today. Astonishingly whatsapp has romped to become messaging app giant with 27 billion messages handled a day.

Maybe people are tired of complex features in phones. Maybe people want that SMS simplicity after all. Maybe SMS is coming back! Maybe we going back to these phones here!(Hell No)

Too many features can kill an app. Make it simple and forge ahead, but will Wechat make inroads into whatsapp territory? You are the ones who have an anser to that!

To download wechat click here

Zazzle your phone with Zegaphone


In news on the web elsewhere, the founder, Charlie Fairbairn of Zegaphone a mega app that aims to put the functionalitys of Whatsapp, BBM, Instagram, Skype and Viber in one app has been launched.

The app aims to be an all in one app and the founder is on a world-wide tour of marketing.his app. However what caught my attention was the fact that they say for only 1MB data you can call non Zegaphone users for about three minutes!
Calculating that you will realise that you are effectively calling for 30 minutes for just a dollar. On average a 10 Mega Bytes of data cost $1 from our local providers that is Econet, Telecel and NetOne.

This deal flies in the face of Africom and it’s Guro-o thing were you are charged double!

However the app is free for the first month of usage, thereafter something like $6 a month will be paid akin to BlackBerry Internet Service! I think this is the biggest letdown of this app! Unless ofcourse if it is $6 dollars all you can eat!

Again with BBM coming to Android, the messaging space is becoming a little crowded

However I don’t see Econet agreeing to such a thing. To sample the app you can download it from the play store here

Whatsapp the Zimpost Killer?


Zimpost’s logo is touting it as a very fast and effecient organisation. We do not know about reliabilty or efficiency but on fast, we beg to differ!

With a plethora of messaging apps mushrooming in all parts of the world, NetOne is dead slow. Imagine having to wait seven days for a reply in these days of whatsapp!

NetOne had an all time high in the early 2000 when it used to handle a mammoth 100 million letters a year. Now, according to a report in the press, Zimpost handles a mere 15 million missives a year. One thing of signaificance is that these are mainly business-to-consumer letters. well those Edgars, City Council and so-forth letters which can’t be delivered vis whatsapp ofcourse.

Meanwhile whatsapp, the most popular app in Zimbabwe, in-fact, its the single most deciding factor when one is purchasing a smartphone! People ask only one question “Does it Do whatsapp?” Is handling a behemoth 27 Billion Messages a SINGLE day.


With the internet usage on the rise, is there anything that Zimpost can do to stop its impending demise? Because people will lose jobs.

Whatsapp reaches new record, handles 27 Billion messages


Whatsapp, the grand-daddy of all messaging apps has set a new record. Whatsapp now handles more than 27 billion messages in a single day! That means if everyone in this world where to share those messages, we would have each person getting at least four messages a day! We are only 6 billion in this world remember!

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However you may wonder as to what other messaging apps are competing with whatsapp! There is facebook messenger, Line, Kakao Talk, Wechat. Wechat copied whatsapp blatantly. However all these apps seem to be localised in their respective country of origin, maninly Asian countries. Twitter actually handles 10 billion messages outbound and 17 billion messages inbound

Whatsapp Woes


I have seen people getting robbed because they have to install whatsapp. Some people do not even know how the whole whatsapp thing works.

One of my friend thought all the money he juices in his phone goes to whatsapp.

In Bulawayo town, some “clever and greedy” people are capitalising on people’s ignorance to get cash.

To get your own Whatsapp on your phone, you need to folk out an astounding $5 and to get Opera Mini, you will fork out another $5. That is $10 whooping bucks in one go.

What that person does is to give you a copy of Whatsapp and Opera that is in his computer and “Charge” you.

So how do you install both Whatsapp and Opera Mini for Just a $1, yes one dollar.

There are two options: Lets start with option one

  1. Arm yourself with the data cable that came with your phone.
  2. Find the best Internet Cafe that is fast. Some Cafe are dead slow.
  3. Log in and search “download whatsapp”,
  4. Better still follow this link here
  5. DO NOT download from the Google Play Store! You are on a computer right? Then Playstore Does not download to your computer
  6. Make sure the file you are downloading has an .apk extension like so whatsapp000.apk if you using Android Phones.
  7. Now plug in the data cable onto the computer usb port as well as your phone
  8. Now send the whatsapp .apk file to your phone and make.
  9. The next step is a bit tricky it depends with what version of Android you are running.
  10. Now go to your File Manager and Find the whatsapp.apk file on your phone memory card.
  11. Touch the file and your phone will complain about “Your phone does not Install Third Party Apps” Just below that statements there is a “Settings” and “Cancel”. Choose settings and your settings will open.
  12. There will be an option were it says “Unknown Applications” Touch that and there will be a green tick in a box.
  13. Done, go back to the whatsapp.apk file and touch it again. It will Install without glitch.
  14. Make sure you have some airtime in your phone.
  15. Enjoy whatsapp.

Now Option Two:

  1. Go to an Internt Cafe that has an option of Wifi. One hour wifi costs one dollar. You need fast wifi.
  2. With your phone, scan for the wifi network of the cafe, use the password that they gave you to connect to it and then search for “whatsapp for Android” I guess you are using Android.
  3. Navigate to this link on your phone: whatsapp download
  4. Now let the app download untill it finishes.
  5. Do nothing, when the app finishes download it will install and ask you to verify phone number and stuff and you are done.
  6. Enjoy whatsapp.

So which method is better. Both methods are good but obviously method two is simplest. However, you take less than ten minutes with both methods.

However the first method has the advantage that the whatsapp.apk file will remain in your computer as well as your memory card after installing. So you can charge people to install whatsapp from you computer or you can send it via Bluetooth to other Android Phone Users.

So enjoy whatsapp