How Econet is stealing your airtime!

Would you like to learn the insider secrets to Making Money? Reply to this sms with the word MONEY to start your 7 days of Free Lessons

I recieved the above sms from 31110 and from its wording, nothing says this is a service I will pay for! The word “Free for 7 days” is as clear as the sun!

To unsubscribe send MONEY STOP to 31110

However, a week latter, my airtime started disappearing mysteriously and upon contacting Econet through 111, I was told my Android Phone is consuming my data! Howeverm, they said the would STOP the service within 24 to 48 hours

I then topped my phone with data off and still my airtime vanished! I told them so and they told me that its the service from 31110 that is deducting my airtime at a rate of 25cents!

I kept sending MONEY STOP as per instructions but the messages kept coming in and deducgting my airtime!

I called Econet again after a week and they promised the messages will stop! I sent them a twit and still the messages kept coming in.

So far I now have 40 messages and still the messages have not yet stopped!

I got the shock of my life when I called customer care yesterday!

This is what I was told.

” The messages are coming from a South African company and to stop them I had to send in money Stop”

I was told if you send in MONEY STOP as per the messages instructions the messages wont stop but I had to capitalise only the S in Stop!

So Econet sets upon us companes from South Africa to scam us? So they deliberately send fake unsubscribe messages so that you are kept locked in their scams?

Besides, they deliberately misword their messages with “FREE” so that you get hooked up! So far these are some of the messages I have recieved from Econet

“*****You are lucky****

Reply OK to 30700 0773 *** **8 you have been granted with a personal offer from Econet: 7 FREE Relationship Tips! Reply OK to 30700

That message is worded From Econet but their customer care told me thier are coming from “non Econet service providers based in South Africa”!

******Surprise****** Reply OK to 30600 0773*** **8 here is a nice offer for you from Econet: 7 FREE qoutes! Reply OK to 30600

I am not the only one who has discovered the well oiled machinery called Econet that is shamelessy stealing from Zimbabweans. Here is another article on techzim website

Another pissed off brother also wrote a letter to Econet/Strive Masiyiwa on their systematic way of stealing from the poor and then teaching their customer care agents to lie through their teeth. This brother also noticed that Econet steals airtime from ist subscribers and pretends its your smartphone that is consuming data.

You can read the letter here as it was featured on Southern eye newspaper

Its high time we stood up against Econet. Its high time Econet was shamed in public. Why should Econet pretend to be a God fearing firm when they run scams and theft syndicates in day light?

Even if they donate thousands to Capernaum trust and Higher Life Foundation if its from money stolen from me then am afraid Econet is just as ungodly and needs Potraz to reign them in.