Is your tablet making you a porongi?

I have witnessed a disturbing phenomenon in Zimbabwe. Most people are turning to tablets! This is not surprising considering that cheap Chinese tablets are going for about $100.

However, I have noticed more people who make calls on tablets in public. Besides, they turn the speaker on!

In our tech group we discussed this and the general consensus was that such people are either show offs or just desperate attention seekers!

Why would you open WhatsApp on your tablet in a kombi only for you to shield it from roving eyes when an embarrassing chat pops up?

Besides tablets have use cases best suited to them not using them as substitute phones! Android tablets are just oversized phones with no extra feature to justify buying a tablet except the extra screen size!

Some genuine use cases for tablets are:

Poor eyesight

Yes, you may need a larger screen if your eyesight is poor.

Portfolio Showcasing

It will be silly to show clients your works on a small screen phone! However it feels more right and professional to showcase your works on a bigger screen

Substitute computer

Yes, buy a keyboard and walla you have a light weight computer that is easier to carry! Especially if you are a content creator

Well, its upto you to use your tablet however you like but don’t be a porongi in public with it!