How I made a Gtel perform like a Galaxy S5 in 15 minutes

If you have used a great number of phones, you will realise that Gtel phones have a tendency of slowing down with time!

This is caused by their internal memory filling up! In-fact any phone that has its internal memory filling up will slow down!

Looking at Gtels, or any other Chinese phones, you will notice that they come with 4gig internal memory! Of that 4 gig, 3Gig is already used up by the system!

To make matters worse, Gtel crams in non system apps that come preloaded as system apps!

You will find

  • Du battery booster
  • NetQuin Mobile security
  • WhatsApp
  • WeChat
  • Twitter
  • UCWeb Browser

All loaded as system apps! Well, what if you have no need for WeChat? Its sitting there and consuming valuable memory yet you will never use it! Besides the WhatsApp that comes preloaded is always expired and you will need to download a new one anyways!

So how do you make your phone perform better? You free up some memory!

Please Note: These are un-official methods and rooting your phone carries some dangers if you do not know what you are doing!

  1. Root Your Phone

Since this is not a rooting tutorial, we will skip this part. However, there is a rooting tutorial over at Techzim.

The tutorial works but I wouldn’t recommend it as Kingo Root method uploads user data to Chinese servers!

I recommend trying Mobogenie Root!

Rooting using this applications is very easy!

  1. Install ES File Explorer and Super User (SU)

Go to PlayStore and Install an App called SU (Super User). Also install ES File explorer if you do not already have it!

  1. Grant Super User to ES File Explorer

Go to settings in ES File Explorer and grant it Super User capabilities.

  1. Go to Apps

Go to App Management in ES File Explorer and Choose System apps! Chose obvious suspects like Wechat, DU Battery Booster etc!

Chose apps that you hardly or don’t use and unistall them!

A strong word of warning!

Do not go on an un-installing spree as if you delete true system apps, then your device will stop working! If you are not sure, live your phone alone and be content with a phone with low memory!

After un-installing the apps that you do not want that were disguised as system apps you will see your device performance boosting up and you will also have extra memory to install your other favourite apps!

I suggest you unroot your phone after this as there are some rogue apps that can do nasty things once they find out your phone is rooted!