ZITF 2013 Horror


The ZITF 2013 edition was a bag of mixed things. First my smartphone was stolen. However, I took a provisional drivers licence which was good.

However, one horror of horrors was the Chinese exhibitors! They brought thousands of their cheap stuff from their country. They literally turned the ZITF into a flea market. Instead of exhibiting, they hired some Zimbabweans to man their stands so that they could sell their wares.

I bought a shaving machine from the Chinese for ten dollars. The cheaper one was going for $5. You guessed it, It malfunctioned the very moment I switched it on. Hell. I then bought some glasses, shades, and hell they broke apart. I think the Chinese see us as a poor lot who need ultra cheap goods and please next time the Chinese come, make sure they are EXHIBITING not DUMPING cheap things in here