Econet, it’s not an eating challenge


I walked into a fast food joint and was delighted to find out that a coke, three piece chicken and large chips were going for $1.

To my delight I forked out the dollar and got my order. The receipt was clearly written the Terms & Conditions.

I was to finish the food within 5 minutes.

I started chowing the food but heck who finishes all this food within 2 minutes?

As the clock ticked and hit 2 minutes, the cashier glided to my table and yanked off all the food in my plate…

Well the above story is not true and we would all refuse to buy food in such a shop.

However we accept broadband deals or bundles with ridiculous expiry periods.

Take the $1 daily bundle from Econet that gives you 250mb and expires after 24 hours.

Not everyone uses it all up in one day. So why should the unused megabytes be thrown away?

There should be reasonable expiry periods to these promo bundles.
The weird thing is the moment you buy a daily bundle you are planning on using the data right?

You will eventually use all the data in due course. Such promos should be banned or they should be made to offer reasonable terms and conditions.

Econet and all can’t hide behind the ‘its a promo’ mantra to offer deals that are massively tilted in their favour.


Econet limits ‘unlimited’ bundles! ‘UPADATED’

Econet shocking change in policy



Hello there, we are always raving and ranting that Econet is a crap company bent on suiting their own needs.

They make wide changing policy shifts without communicating with us their customers!

We purchased a Facebook Bundle and to our surprise, we only connected for 2 days! The bundle then stopped connecting and we were taken aback!

We got in touch with them and we got hundreds of silly responses! From maybe your phone is dead to we are resetting your line.

To our shock, we received the message above! What it means in simple terms is that your Facebook bundle is no longer ‘unlimited’ but is now throttled!

It means that Econet will switch you off when they feel you have used enough data! Now it means those are no longer weekly or monthly bundles but are now usage based bundles!


Shockingly Econet has introduced ‘Lite’ and ‘Extra’ Bundles

Extra Bundles cost $2 a week and $6 a month and these will allow downloading!

Lite bundles will cost the normal fees and will not allow downloading!

How Econet is stealing your airtime!

Would you like to learn the insider secrets to Making Money? Reply to this sms with the word MONEY to start your 7 days of Free Lessons

I recieved the above sms from 31110 and from its wording, nothing says this is a service I will pay for! The word “Free for 7 days” is as clear as the sun!

To unsubscribe send MONEY STOP to 31110

However, a week latter, my airtime started disappearing mysteriously and upon contacting Econet through 111, I was told my Android Phone is consuming my data! Howeverm, they said the would STOP the service within 24 to 48 hours

I then topped my phone with data off and still my airtime vanished! I told them so and they told me that its the service from 31110 that is deducting my airtime at a rate of 25cents!

I kept sending MONEY STOP as per instructions but the messages kept coming in and deducgting my airtime!

I called Econet again after a week and they promised the messages will stop! I sent them a twit and still the messages kept coming in.

So far I now have 40 messages and still the messages have not yet stopped!

I got the shock of my life when I called customer care yesterday!

This is what I was told.

” The messages are coming from a South African company and to stop them I had to send in money Stop”

I was told if you send in MONEY STOP as per the messages instructions the messages wont stop but I had to capitalise only the S in Stop!

So Econet sets upon us companes from South Africa to scam us? So they deliberately send fake unsubscribe messages so that you are kept locked in their scams?

Besides, they deliberately misword their messages with “FREE” so that you get hooked up! So far these are some of the messages I have recieved from Econet

“*****You are lucky****

Reply OK to 30700 0773 *** **8 you have been granted with a personal offer from Econet: 7 FREE Relationship Tips! Reply OK to 30700

That message is worded From Econet but their customer care told me thier are coming from “non Econet service providers based in South Africa”!

******Surprise****** Reply OK to 30600 0773*** **8 here is a nice offer for you from Econet: 7 FREE qoutes! Reply OK to 30600

I am not the only one who has discovered the well oiled machinery called Econet that is shamelessy stealing from Zimbabweans. Here is another article on techzim website

Another pissed off brother also wrote a letter to Econet/Strive Masiyiwa on their systematic way of stealing from the poor and then teaching their customer care agents to lie through their teeth. This brother also noticed that Econet steals airtime from ist subscribers and pretends its your smartphone that is consuming data.

You can read the letter here as it was featured on Southern eye newspaper

Its high time we stood up against Econet. Its high time Econet was shamed in public. Why should Econet pretend to be a God fearing firm when they run scams and theft syndicates in day light?

Even if they donate thousands to Capernaum trust and Higher Life Foundation if its from money stolen from me then am afraid Econet is just as ungodly and needs Potraz to reign them in.



Buddie has extended its window “periods” (Dont get alarmed, its not the other periods though) on its Buddie Product.


As you can see from the above image, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has decided that its now worth while to give you the following Window Periods:

For $1 to $20 you used to get a minimum of 15 days, but now you get an amazing 120 days irregardless of the denomination you top up with.

And if you top up with $50 you get a whole 150 days which is almost half a year. It seems Econet is competing on every point imaginable.

We hope this helps you a lot in these days where having multiple sim cards is all the rage.

If one Network drops prices, you shelf Buddie knowing that for the next 3 months your $1 will keep your line active!

For $2

Who is POTRAZ really protecting?


POTRAZ stunned many when it swiftly reacted to the Econet Promo by ordering Econet to revert to old prices by Friday the 23rd of August or face heavy fines.

This comes strange considering that POTRAZ was comatose when Econet blocked Telecel. In fact, Telecel breached country laws and operated without a licence and POTRAZ was all mum on this one.

So who is POTRAZ really protecting? The anser is easy to find. Who stands to lose the most in this price wars? Not the consumers, not Telecel, not Econet but NetOne!

Yes it seems NetOne was to lose the most as it is the one that still had high cross network charges and they would have lost big time. In fact, when Econet blocked NetOne due to some interconnection debt, we saw a swift reaction from government and noise coming fromPOTRAZ!

It seems this swift reaction by POTRAZ is not in our interests but in the interests of just a few companies  like NetOne.

I am dead sure if Econet had blocked NetOne the second time again, they may even have been threatened with seazure of their licence.

Here is why we love Econet!

Econet Wireless Logo

Econet Wireless

Econet of lately has been in the headlines for wrong and right reasons! However despite what most people say Econet is actually a source of news for us and the newspapres alike.

Below I think are the reasons why Econet is number


Yes, Econet is very Innovative. If it is not innovating, it takes a an idea from say Telecel and perfect it. Look at Teletunes! Buddie beats is now more popular than Teletunes! Look at Skwama! EcoCash Beats that good. Even if Econet copied this from the Kenyan M-Pesa we wouldnt be enjoying the benefits of susc a unique service.

A First Company

Well, Econet introduces some things first. Econet introduced 3G well before the rest! Now wham, we have 4G/LTE at our door steps!

We used to top up phones using some complex procedures with NetOne in the hey days and Econet introduced the easy USSD method. Just scratch your card and dial some code and your phone is toped up. Its easy and looks simple but if you remember how we used to do it NetOne days you will appreciate this.



Econet gives to the poor yes! Yes Econet may not be that giving when it comes to promos but well it gives to the poor. Look at Capernaum Trust, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Scholarships! Thousands of people have benefited from those schemes.

Real Fast Service

I use Econet a lot when I realy want to browse the internet fast. We don’t need even any auditor or speed test to confir this. If you want to type a long doument, donwnload pictures and attach them without having to wait for ages, then Econet is the go to service. That is why we love it.

Contributing to the Economy

Well it is not a secret that Econet and Delta are contributing more to the government than all companies. In fact these two behemoths are contributing more than the diamond revenue.

If Econet was dirt cheap, I doubt we would have all tho9se income in gvt at thus current scale. Econet through Liquid Telecom is having the largest fibre Netowrk in Africa and through its ZOL offering Zimbabwe may work up to find real fast fibre broadband right at their door steps.

Good At Marketing

Everywhere you go, there are two prominent banners that you see. Econet and Coca Cola. Econet is giving thousands of down stream advertising companies cash and creating employment by engaging in massive advertising campaigns.

Look at the green kiosks? Thousands employed.

New Products


Who knew that the Econet 21Mbps dongle from Ecionet gives faster internet connection? Well, it does! And its a product of Econet. Look at Solar lamps, you canb charge huge Android devices with the lamp. Talk about real new market first products.

Now we hear there will soon be LTE moderms for even faster internet connection.


Well those are the reasons I think Econet should be loved by all, despite all the negatives it has. It sure touches the lives of Zimbabweans in one way or the other. In one way, you have used an Econet product or service, I know you have!


Here is the Buddie Daily Bundle Promotion

Econet has dropped the drapes from the “mystery something coming soon” ! The Daily Bundle Promo is here for you to enjoy! But you will  note one thing, If you are used to huge free minutes from NetOne and Telecel, this promo may not make you twitch an eyelid.

buddie bundles top

Below is the picture with the rates that you get when you subscribe to the daily dose of bundles! We have written the general info on the bundles below the picture for those with smaller screens!

buddie bundles

You will note that, for one dollar you get 10 minutes!

$1 = 10 Minutes Only

$2 = 22 Minutes Only

$5 = 46 Minutes + 50 MB Data + 40 MMS

$10 = 94 Minutes + 100 MB Data + 80 MMS

$20 = 190 Minutes + 200 MB + 160 MMS

Well, you start to get real benefits at $5 bundle, especially if you are heavy internet user! 50 MB is something you can really do with, but $5 daily is a bit steep for some of us!

Econet, which came late to the promo party seems to have hastily cobbled up something to join the promo band wagon and as you can see, Econet is VERY cautious and it doesnt want to give plenty as most people will definitely subscribe to the $1 Bundle!

However, to get Started Dial *140*4# and you are in…

What do you think about this promo in particular.? Leave a comment below and lets chat!

Econet offers “too little – too late” in bid to fight off Telecel

econet promo

Econet may have thought that the Telecel licensing saga would ensue for eternity. In fact I think Econet wished and prayed to the Network Gods in heaven to let it happen.

But in news elsewhere, we saw that Telecel has tucked neatly away the licencing issue with the governmet. In what seems like a fire fighting measure to stop the massive leakage of subscribers crossing floors for Telecel and NetOne, Econet is launching a “Activate Buddie Line and Get Double” Promotion.

What looks funny about the whole promo is that it modelled against the Telecel Promo that was effectively giving you $20 for re activating your domant line.

In the Econet Promotion, you will get a maximum of $1 airtime if you recharge your inactive sim card. You also get something like 50cents, 60cents if you recharge with the same denominations. So you effectively get double what you topped up and the maximum you can get is $1

It seems Econet not only copied but gave quite a ridiculous low figure. We dont know whether its now in Econets nature in being stingy as they are the only firm that is not offering any excting promo that will make people come back in droves to the network.

We wonder, what are your thoughts about it.

Airtime Drop Competition Number One!


Yes we are giving away free airtime as we are celebrating a milestone

We have 5000 views for the month of July alone

Yes we are so ecstatic because of the phenomenal growth. Check out stats below

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All these views coming from Google! No marketing was done! It shows we doing something right!

How Do I Win?

So what do you need to do?

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