How to purchase NetOne, Telecel and Econet Bundles

In case you want to shift from Econet after they did the unthinkable you may want to try other networks!

Well there is Telecel and NetOne to try out and also you can try out other wifi hotspots!

Below we give you the shortcodes to buy social media bundles from the other networks


To buy social media bundles on this network you dial *143#

Now you will have to choose between Light and Extra


To buy social media bundles from Telecel you dial *480# and you follow the options.

Don’t forget to TellSomeone


To those who chose to jump ship to NetOne, here is how you buy the bundles! Dial *171# and you start enjoying the service!

Don’t forget to put the world in your pocket

Do not be left complaining that things are not working out at Econet! Try other networks and you may love it!