Buddie has extended its window “periods” (Dont get alarmed, its not the other periods though) on its Buddie Product.


As you can see from the above image, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has decided that its now worth while to give you the following Window Periods:

For $1 to $20 you used to get a minimum of 15 days, but now you get an amazing 120 days irregardless of the denomination you top up with.

And if you top up with $50 you get a whole 150 days which is almost half a year. It seems Econet is competing on every point imaginable.

We hope this helps you a lot in these days where having multiple sim cards is all the rage.

If one Network drops prices, you shelf Buddie knowing that for the next 3 months your $1 will keep your line active!

For $2


Here is the Buddie Daily Bundle Promotion

Econet has dropped the drapes from the “mystery something coming soon” ! The Daily Bundle Promo is here for you to enjoy! But you will  note one thing, If you are used to huge free minutes from NetOne and Telecel, this promo may not make you twitch an eyelid.

buddie bundles top

Below is the picture with the rates that you get when you subscribe to the daily dose of bundles! We have written the general info on the bundles below the picture for those with smaller screens!

buddie bundles

You will note that, for one dollar you get 10 minutes!

$1 = 10 Minutes Only

$2 = 22 Minutes Only

$5 = 46 Minutes + 50 MB Data + 40 MMS

$10 = 94 Minutes + 100 MB Data + 80 MMS

$20 = 190 Minutes + 200 MB + 160 MMS

Well, you start to get real benefits at $5 bundle, especially if you are heavy internet user! 50 MB is something you can really do with, but $5 daily is a bit steep for some of us!

Econet, which came late to the promo party seems to have hastily cobbled up something to join the promo band wagon and as you can see, Econet is VERY cautious and it doesnt want to give plenty as most people will definitely subscribe to the $1 Bundle!

However, to get Started Dial *140*4# and you are in…

What do you think about this promo in particular.? Leave a comment below and lets chat!

How to take part in the Telecel Super Voice Promo

telecel promo


Its no longer news but in case you havent heard it, Telecel launched a Super Voice Promo promotion that gives you a whooping 200 minutes Telecel to Telecel talk time if you juice up with a dollar.

If you juice up with 50 cents you get 90 minutes. Well, it seems its victory after victory for Telecel as they also clinched their licence back.

To take part in the promo you just have to dial *146# and waala, you are in.

However, we just wonder if Telecel will handle the pressure from mas usage of its network that will most definately ensur from this promo.

We really hope there wont be issues of failed calls and droped calls as such a scenario will be a death knell to our beloved Telecel. However, rest assured though, Econet will always provide a fall back plan with its expensive but very reliable, tried and tested network, make no doubts about that!

Econet offers “too little – too late” in bid to fight off Telecel

econet promo

Econet may have thought that the Telecel licensing saga would ensue for eternity. In fact I think Econet wished and prayed to the Network Gods in heaven to let it happen.

But in news elsewhere, we saw that Telecel has tucked neatly away the licencing issue with the governmet. In what seems like a fire fighting measure to stop the massive leakage of subscribers crossing floors for Telecel and NetOne, Econet is launching a “Activate Buddie Line and Get Double” Promotion.

What looks funny about the whole promo is that it modelled against the Telecel Promo that was effectively giving you $20 for re activating your domant line.

In the Econet Promotion, you will get a maximum of $1 airtime if you recharge your inactive sim card. You also get something like 50cents, 60cents if you recharge with the same denominations. So you effectively get double what you topped up and the maximum you can get is $1

It seems Econet not only copied but gave quite a ridiculous low figure. We dont know whether its now in Econets nature in being stingy as they are the only firm that is not offering any excting promo that will make people come back in droves to the network.

We wonder, what are your thoughts about it.

Telecel Gets Licence, No more Excuses from Econet now

telecel promo

Finally Telecel has gotten an operating licence from news we saw from techzim website. In the news, it says that Telecel will soon release a press statement to the effect maybe tomorrow.

Since Econet was using the licensing saga as a way to block Telecel from the competition, now Telecel has a legal standing to protest ubnfair business practices against Econet.

You will remeber that the whole disconnection saga was triggered by Econet allegedly throttling down the number of calls from Telecel to Econet by a margin of 90%, Telecel claimed.

However, Telecel had already applied pressure on the Econet camp by introducing a Super Voice Promo that gives subscribers as much as 3 hours talk time.

Telecel even went as further as to use the hashtag #TellSomeBuddie to spite Econet. Now the battle for top spot can only get exciting.

Telecel openly mocks Econet! Luanches super voice bundle

telecel promo

Well even if Telecel was blocked fro accessing Econet numbers, Telecel has given people more reasons to jump the Econet ship.

Telecel has Launched the super voice bundle a promo that gives you 200 minutes talk time from Telecel to Telecel. Besides, you still get the $1 from the Mega Promo, which means you can effectively get $2 cross network call time and 3 hours Telecel to Telecel calls for just one dollar.

However, to openly throw egg on Econets face, Telecel is using the hashtag #TellSomeBuddie. If you were born yesterday and you don’t know, Buddie is Econets flagship product.

We wonder how Econet will respond to this promo as they are the only network left with their Buddie Zone Promo which forces you to call at night only.

Telecel is using that Buddie Zone weakness and on Telecel’s facebook page they actually said

Hey!!! Have you been waking up very late at night trying to get what other networks promised you? “They” promised you promotions that you can only access at night (if you are lucky).

Well, brush that aside for here comes the REAL DEAL. No need for you to wake up at night for this one… its ‪#‎wayawaya‬

Get 200 minutes for as little as $1.00 or 90 minutes for only $0.50 chetechete. Simply dial *146# to get your Telecel Super Voice Bundle.

Now you can phone your friends and relatives anytime you choose, with a proper discount of a mouth opening 98%.

What are you waiting there for?


We are moving to our new home!!!

we are moving

Well is moving from that thinging! We will have a custom domain name, most probable

So you may see hiccups, glitches and stuff. But we are excited. There is lots of cool new stuff to look forward to which include:

  • Question and Answers Section
  • Classifieds Section
  • Phone Companies Directory
  • Gallery Section

However, we are working flat out, sweating here and there, cursing our computers and at the same time listening to election results!!!

Happy Day to all of us

Good news for soccer Lovers in Zimbabwe. Get soccer news without internet!


Starfish has collaborated with Econet to launch a mobie soccer results sms platform called Shasha. The platform covers soccer results from local as well as international teams and matches.

However, this is an sms platform where you are charged 49c per week to get resullts as they happen. To get started you have to:

SMS your team keyword to 34447 for just 49cents per week. Follow your team and choose from the following keywords. City, Caps, Dynamos, Manchester, Highlanders, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool.

This may come in as good news to those that do not have internet connection or when you are out in rural areas for the holidays and 3G network is just not part of those areas you are visiting.

Shasha has a mobile website and it looks silly from a computer though or desktop. However, it loos all sassy and cool on mobile devices.

Shasha has also put a notice on their website telling us that they will launch a Lifestyle section on 7 August where you can send keywords like

  • JOKE

For the same 49c/week model.

However, these sms campaings are so yesterday in these days of mobile apps. What stops you from just visiting google and typing joke and get thousands of jokes for less?

Besides the internet is not limited to 160 characters of sms and you can read long jokes. Shasha will definately try to limit message length so as to make them fit in an sms.