Get the hell off my phone! (Not you Econet)

I was shocked when I installed Opera Max an app that helps you save data by compressing the data before it reaches your phone.

My most shocking discoveries where that WhatsApp gobbled up a massive 79Mb in the background and allocated a mere 30Mb of data to the foreground.

Facebook was the next culprit. It sucked in a whooping 50Mb in the background and only 7mb in the foreground!

Apps I had never opened like VivaVideo also consumed data in the background.

What are all these apps using the background data for? You wonder considering that they are allocating more data to the background than foreground?

Most people have accused Econet of stealing their much beloved data bundles but at times its the very apps that we have that are stealing our data.

Opera Max has a fine grained approach to data management. You can block apps from accessing background data or block the apps from accessing any data at all…

This is a nifty feature considering most Android phones do not have a fine grained approach to controlling how your apps are consuming data.

However, one downside about Opera Max is that you have to remember to Connect it again each time you switch your phone off and on.

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