NetOne Broadband in figures!

NetOne revealed that they process about 2TeraBytes of data a day up from 300Gig a few months ago!

We did a few calculations and gleaned a few insights into the data! However these calculations are assumptions (calculated assumptions) of the goings on at NetOne in terms of broad band!


The main assumption we used is that on average a single user uses 10MB of data a day! Obviously some use more and some less but let’s use that figure.

2 Terabytes = 2000 Gigs = 2000 0000 Mb

Which means that……. If a person uses 10Mb of data a day.

2000 000 Mb divided by 10 Mb = 200 000 users!

Now NetOne may be having 200 000 broadband subscribers per time!

Assuming that each subscriber pays say $1 a week purchase a WhatsApp bundle, then NetOne may be earning $400 000 a month!

Going further with the assumption, NetOne may be earning almost $5 million a year!

However, from the first statement it means…..

300 gig = 300 000 Mb

300 000 Mb/10Mb = 30 000!

It means six months ago NetOne had a measly 30 000 active broadband subscribers per time!

This is some exciting calcs and we hope Telecel and Econet will release their data consumption figures for a compare and contrast!

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