Econet in Ndebele language boob

Well meaning Econet sent an sms early morning wishing informing its subscribers that they will soon have a new service!

However, they mispelt a Ndebele word! Instead of writing ‘Livuke njani’ they wrote ‘Livhuke njani’!

Anyone who knows the Ndebele and shona language will realise that a shona person wrote the message!

Soon Ndebele folks grilled @econetzimbabwe on Twitter! Econet was seen issuing apologies constantly to an angry audience!

Even well known folks like Cont Mhlanga expressed his disgust and shock at such blatant disregard of a national language!

“I almost slammed my (expensive smartphone) when I saw that message”! Cont fumed.

Felix Moyo the NUST PR Officer also said he was shocked by the disregard of a language by Econet.

Econet has since apologised for this

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