New Apple IPhones to be unveiled on 10 September

Apple will soon unveil its newest flagship smart phone. Most gadgets websites have been awash with rumours of the new devices.

Of interest to us is the Iphone 5C which is rumoured to be a cheaper Iphone for low end markets.

Well these are just rumours and nothing is official so take these news with a biggish pinch of salt.

The Iphone is thought to have dual LED flashlights.

However I have never been a fan of IOS and Iphones. Feature wise Android beats Iphones.

In Android land there is quad core processors, Super Amoled displays and of late, Octa-Core processors. Besides there is Optical Image Stabilisation something unheard of in Apple camps.

Well lets not spoil it for Apple and Iphone lovers. The 10th of September is your day.

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3 comments on “New Apple IPhones to be unveiled on 10 September

  1. this is good news indeed for Zimbabwe iPhone lovers, ’cause this means that they’ll be a drop in prices for the previous iPhone models, lets hope the new iPhone 5(Cheap) will be indeed cheap for us Zimboz…

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