Where have all the good phones gone to?

Where have all the good phones gone to?

I remember my first “smartphone” a Samsung Star. The 3 inch screen phone was perfect. You could use the phone with one hand. It fit perfectly in my pocket. I also liked the hand writing recognition feature it had.

The phone didnt have much bells and whistles but it was capable of almost anything I wanted it to do. If it wasnt for the fact that it didnt do whatsapp I bet I would still have it.

Just a few years forward, phones are now horror. Look at the screen! Its so huge, you can watch a movie as a whole family on it. You can feel the phone filling your pockets from seam to seam!

The battery life is terrible! On the Samsung Star, I could browse the internet and still get days of battery oomph to go by. Now, you can barely last a day even if you are on standby.

Talk about using the phone with one hand. You cannot do it. Unless if you have 7 inch long fingers. You have to hold the large phone with one hand whilst pulling down the notification bar.

Phones are no longer phones. They are laptops, TVs, Maps, I mean they are just everything it makes you feel numb with the sheer number of things you have to do on a phone. I am typing this article on a phone! Who knew I wouldnt need a computer by 2013?

I really yearn for the day when phones are phones not a swiss army knife to do anything and everything.

Besides that, phones are now show off gadgets. Step into public transport, either all the guys who have these super sized phones are holding them in their hands or, they are actually poking them incessantly.

Besides the Samsung Star, which other phone do you think were sweet to use?

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2 comments on “Where have all the good phones gone to?

  1. my first ever smartphone, Sony (Ericsson) Vivaz. i’d say its still one of my favourite phones today, sweet, fast and easy to use, Symbian OS, 3.2″ touch-screen, 8MP HD camera, what else would you ask for? the phone was just great..!!

    but am liking the super screened phones of today though, big screen, powerful processor, more internal memory and many more..:-)

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