Samsung Galaxy S5 to be made of metal

We know that you are still mesmerized by the amazing Galaxy S4 features but that won’t stop us from looking for Samsung Galaxy S5 features.

This phone is a long way from being a reality (2014) but we have heard it will spot a body built with magnesium alloy.

This aluminum magnesium body is Samsungs attempt to take on Iphone on every front

Most people complained that Samsung had a cheap “plasticky body” and it seems Samsung has cancelled that as a bad point about Samsung.

However, I feel that the Samsung Galaxy TouchWiz User Interface is a bit stale and boring.

However, the phone will spot some OIS (Optical mage Stabilisation) which makes your photos great again.

However, away with yet to come phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note III is upon us within a week. What is of interest to us is that there is a Samsung Galaxy Note III built for emerging markets.

This Galaxy Note will spot an LCD screen instead of the super sweet AMOLED and it will have an 8 mega pixel camera instead of 13 mega pixel shooter.

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2 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S5 to be made of metal

  1. Samsung to take on Apple iPhone wow, well lets wait and see what Tim Cooked for us on the much anticipated iPhone 5S first shall we.

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