Buddie has extended its window “periods” (Dont get alarmed, its not the other periods though) on its Buddie Product.


As you can see from the above image, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has decided that its now worth while to give you the following Window Periods:

For $1 to $20 you used to get a minimum of 15 days, but now you get an amazing 120 days irregardless of the denomination you top up with.

And if you top up with $50 you get a whole 150 days which is almost half a year. It seems Econet is competing on every point imaginable.

We hope this helps you a lot in these days where having multiple sim cards is all the rage.

If one Network drops prices, you shelf Buddie knowing that for the next 3 months your $1 will keep your line active!

For $2


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