How to send money from other countries to Zimbabwe

With 4 million Zimbabweans in the diaspora, sending money home to your family and loved ones has to be done sooner ot later.

How then can you send money home?

Well I will show you two methods.

1. Mukuru

You can visit and start seeing how you can send money. This is UK based company that has its roots in Zimbabwe. These guys also have a an app that you can download which allows you to send money and chat as well.

You can download the app here

You or the people you send money to can collect the cash from CABS Banks and other affiliate banks.

2. OK Zimbabwe

The grocery giant also has a feature that allows people from South Africa to send money back home.

However, this option is viable if you are sending large amounts of cash to send money to Zimbabwe.

You will pay R45 to send between R100 and R1000 and then pay a mere R70 to send in more than R1000

You see now, ypu dont need cross border traders to cross with your money hidden in bags and pockets.

With OK Stores there are lots of OK Stores in Zimbabwe were you can collect the cash from.

I hope this short article was of help to you


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