Who is POTRAZ really protecting?


POTRAZ stunned many when it swiftly reacted to the Econet Promo by ordering Econet to revert to old prices by Friday the 23rd of August or face heavy fines.

This comes strange considering that POTRAZ was comatose when Econet blocked Telecel. In fact, Telecel breached country laws and operated without a licence and POTRAZ was all mum on this one.

So who is POTRAZ really protecting? The anser is easy to find. Who stands to lose the most in this price wars? Not the consumers, not Telecel, not Econet but NetOne!

Yes it seems NetOne was to lose the most as it is the one that still had high cross network charges and they would have lost big time. In fact, when Econet blocked NetOne due to some interconnection debt, we saw a swift reaction from government and noise coming fromPOTRAZ!

It seems this swift reaction by POTRAZ is not in our interests but in the interests of just a few companies  like NetOne.

I am dead sure if Econet had blocked NetOne the second time again, they may even have been threatened with seazure of their licence.


One comment on “Who is POTRAZ really protecting?

  1. Before reducing their tarrifs, Econet was supposed to get approval first from Potraz, did they do that? NO they didn’t, so it was only fair for Potraz to order Econet to revert back to their old tarrifs.

    About Telecel’s licence, Potraz did not remain mum, I mean c’mon, what were they to do…force Telecel to re-new their licence?? The law states that when a mobile operator’s licence expires, interconnection should be blocked between that operator and any other mobile operator, and that’s exactly what happened if I remember correctly..

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