Here is why we love Econet!

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Econet Wireless

Econet of lately has been in the headlines for wrong and right reasons! However despite what most people say Econet is actually a source of news for us and the newspapres alike.

Below I think are the reasons why Econet is number


Yes, Econet is very Innovative. If it is not innovating, it takes a an idea from say Telecel and perfect it. Look at Teletunes! Buddie beats is now more popular than Teletunes! Look at Skwama! EcoCash Beats that good. Even if Econet copied this from the Kenyan M-Pesa we wouldnt be enjoying the benefits of susc a unique service.

A First Company

Well, Econet introduces some things first. Econet introduced 3G well before the rest! Now wham, we have 4G/LTE at our door steps!

We used to top up phones using some complex procedures with NetOne in the hey days and Econet introduced the easy USSD method. Just scratch your card and dial some code and your phone is toped up. Its easy and looks simple but if you remember how we used to do it NetOne days you will appreciate this.



Econet gives to the poor yes! Yes Econet may not be that giving when it comes to promos but well it gives to the poor. Look at Capernaum Trust, Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Scholarships! Thousands of people have benefited from those schemes.

Real Fast Service

I use Econet a lot when I realy want to browse the internet fast. We don’t need even any auditor or speed test to confir this. If you want to type a long doument, donwnload pictures and attach them without having to wait for ages, then Econet is the go to service. That is why we love it.

Contributing to the Economy

Well it is not a secret that Econet and Delta are contributing more to the government than all companies. In fact these two behemoths are contributing more than the diamond revenue.

If Econet was dirt cheap, I doubt we would have all tho9se income in gvt at thus current scale. Econet through Liquid Telecom is having the largest fibre Netowrk in Africa and through its ZOL offering Zimbabwe may work up to find real fast fibre broadband right at their door steps.

Good At Marketing

Everywhere you go, there are two prominent banners that you see. Econet and Coca Cola. Econet is giving thousands of down stream advertising companies cash and creating employment by engaging in massive advertising campaigns.

Look at the green kiosks? Thousands employed.

New Products


Who knew that the Econet 21Mbps dongle from Ecionet gives faster internet connection? Well, it does! And its a product of Econet. Look at Solar lamps, you canb charge huge Android devices with the lamp. Talk about real new market first products.

Now we hear there will soon be LTE moderms for even faster internet connection.


Well those are the reasons I think Econet should be loved by all, despite all the negatives it has. It sure touches the lives of Zimbabweans in one way or the other. In one way, you have used an Econet product or service, I know you have!



2 comments on “Here is why we love Econet!

  1. Ohh please, ‘we’ don’t love econet, you do.

    We actually love TELECEL and I think you forgot to put a 2 where its written ‘Below I think are the reasons why Econet is number__’

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