Econet launches fast LTE internet

Econet Zimbabwe has launched a first in Zimbabwe. The largest network provider has launched LTE network for internet

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is said to reach speeds of ten times faster than our current 3G speeds.

Infact some European and Asian Countries have not yet implemented this network and Zimbabwe courtesy of Econet has beat the first world countries to it

However, to enjoy these break neck speeds you have to buy an LTE capable hand set like the premium Galaxy S4.

We say bravo to Econet and the UNWTO for introducing a first in Africa and Zimbabwe

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6 comments on “Econet launches fast LTE internet

  1. It will benefit even you becoz we all need fast internet. So we should have stayed with 2G networks when 3G was introduced coz back then there were no 3G phones that much

  2. Well thot it was in VicFalls chete. There is always those who object to advancement, vamwe vakasvora henry ford amwe even ma touchscreen vairamba. Thank U econet for 4g. Regai titsvake ma 4g phn acho. Asingade 4g stay with 3g or 2g wonder if you still using a 5110…… Kikikiki

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