Galaxy S4 Air Gesture Now for Every Phone

air gesture

The Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a nice feature where you just swipe things from the air and they react without touching the screen. You can swipe through a photo gallery or calls.

However, you can now do it for every Android Phone out there. You just have to download The Air Swipe App!

This App will work with any Android Device that has a front facing camera and a proximity sensor! Well almost all Android Phones have a proximity sensor. To verify easily though, make a call and move your phone to your face, if you see it switching off or the screen turning black whilst moving your phone very near your face, then it has a proximity sensor!

You can do the following with the app!

  • Locking and unlocking the device
  • Controlling SMS notifications
  • Controlling sound
  • Getting toast message on new SMS
  • Toggling wireless communications like Wi-FI and Bluetooth
  • Turning off lockscreen via swiping twice


To download this app, visit this link here and start enjoying!




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