Telecel Launches Music Streaming to Every Phone For Just A Dollar A Month

Telecel has launched a new service called Telecel Music On Demand. The service is more like the Spotify of Africa.

Unlike spotify though, which streams music via the internet, with the Telecel service the music is streamed over the air sort of like.

To get started using the service, you have to dial 350 and a voice prompt Gives you instructions.

For instance, after making a call, you are told to:

Press 1, for English
Press 2, for Shona
Press 3, for Ndebele

There after you are asked to subscribe to either
a) $1 for one month subscription with 300 mins of music streaming
b) 35 cents one week subscription with 80 mins of music streaming

We are also informed that there are more than 3000 local and international music in the offer

This sures that Telecel is innovative, but with piracy rife and the music quality is compromised by the fact that its coming via a phone call (if your phone has a small speaker)

However, it may come in handy when you go to deep rural areas and all you have is a basic phojne that does neither whatsapp nor facebook.

Hope you sample it.

But I think it would have been more useful if the service streamed drama scripts like Sabhuku VharaZip, Masasi Epanhamo and stand-up comedy like Carl Joshua Ncube.

These are things that people want to hear and have little access to unlike 3000 songs when in my computer I have 7000 songs….

But Telecel is sure innovating.


5 comments on “Telecel Launches Music Streaming to Every Phone For Just A Dollar A Month

  1. Do you get to select your own playlist or it’s more like fm radio broadcast were you have to put up with whatever the dj is playing?

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