Here is the Buddie Daily Bundle Promotion

Econet has dropped the drapes from the “mystery something coming soon” ! The Daily Bundle Promo is here for you to enjoy! But you will  note one thing, If you are used to huge free minutes from NetOne and Telecel, this promo may not make you twitch an eyelid.

buddie bundles top

Below is the picture with the rates that you get when you subscribe to the daily dose of bundles! We have written the general info on the bundles below the picture for those with smaller screens!

buddie bundles

You will note that, for one dollar you get 10 minutes!

$1 = 10 Minutes Only

$2 = 22 Minutes Only

$5 = 46 Minutes + 50 MB Data + 40 MMS

$10 = 94 Minutes + 100 MB Data + 80 MMS

$20 = 190 Minutes + 200 MB + 160 MMS

Well, you start to get real benefits at $5 bundle, especially if you are heavy internet user! 50 MB is something you can really do with, but $5 daily is a bit steep for some of us!

Econet, which came late to the promo party seems to have hastily cobbled up something to join the promo band wagon and as you can see, Econet is VERY cautious and it doesnt want to give plenty as most people will definitely subscribe to the $1 Bundle!

However, to get Started Dial *140*4# and you are in…

What do you think about this promo in particular.? Leave a comment below and lets chat!


13 comments on “Here is the Buddie Daily Bundle Promotion

  1. This is by far the highest level of stinginess i’ve ever seen, this promo will give Econet subscribers another reason to join Telecel.

    Econet sucks big time!

  2. You have to give it up for these guys for the widest coverage and fastest internet speeds. There will never exist a substitute for quality

    • There s this competition where one hs to win $50 000 is this true or just a way of getting bucks frm customers when they send answers at $0,30cents

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