One Thousand Men Mark Raffle Competition


Its a happy moment to this blog. Its not news , if you are a follower of this blog we have a new home and we are awaiting official launch in Early September.

We are having a competition, One Thousand Men Mark Competition prior to our launch!

What is this all About?

This is a raffle where we want to reach one thousand points on or before 31 August 2013.

This is a raffle which costs 50 cents per raffle ticket

How does it work?

  1. To buy a ticket, send 50 cents via EcoCash and you number will be recorded and printed on a piece of paper
  2. With Each 50 cents sent to us, we add a point to the total tally.
  3. Once we reach 1000 points the competition closes  and the draw is conducted on the day of launch.

So How do I pay?

  1. Transfer via EcoCash a minumum of one 50 cents to the following Numbers 0773 510 978 (Frank Mzondiwa)

Prizes Include

3 x Samsung Galaxy SII (2)


2 x Nokia Asha 201


5 x $5 Airtime

Lots of branded T-Shirts and Caps



  • The first 20 people to buy raffle tickets worth $1 or more will get VIP PASS ( An invitation to the Cocktail Party at the event launch)
  • Top 20 people who buy the highest number of Raffle Tickets will get the VIP PASS as well!
  • However, if we do not reach the 1000 points by 31 August, we will cancel the competition, and we will re-pay back anyone who bought a raffle ticket all his/her monies

You can whatsapp or sms only Frank on 0773 510 978 for more details


7 comments on “One Thousand Men Mark Raffle Competition

  1. Gud promo guys,,,saka isu ma Telecel users hapana chedu ka apa,, how sad, ko vane Econet line vasiri pa Ecocash hapana chavo zvakare??? this is not fair,, do smthn guys,,,, 😦

  2. Econet @ the moment is beta option. Waona advantages ecocash 4 instance, roaming, data speeds, more subscribers, no dropped calls or missed calls phn inehobo networki and widest coverage. So hey 4 me yes I got telecel but ma1 shaa

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