Why you should not buy a samsung Galaxy S3 or S4. Part Two

In part one of this article, we looked at some of the reasons why you should not buy a Samsung Galaxy S4. Today we are looking at some of the alternative phone you can buy that are cheaper but almost feature packed as the Galaxies of this world.

Number 1. G-Tel 717 Explorer


Yes, this may come as a shock but the G-Tel 717 Infinity is a feature packed phone that will blow you out of water. I used the demo version at the ZITF 2013 and I must say G-Tel has improved a lot from the days of yore when it was G-Tide.

Why you should buy it?

G-Tel was actually trying to compete with Samsung Galaxy S4 here and they made the most of it. The screen feels premium and it looks real bright. One thing that will hold your breath is the 3D carousel/ launcher. You can get one for any phone here of course!

This phone might not be at par with Galaxy S4 but at $395, you are really getting a value for money.

One drawback is that the phone looks smaller, it has a 4.7 inch screen and with phones going as huge as possible, I think the screen could have benefited from an extra inch.

Well, you can check the phone specifications here and know that I highly recommend this phone.

Number 2. Astro Virtual


This phone is manufactured by a company that seems to be emphasising on christian values but will their phones match? Yes, I think the Astro Virtual, the companies flagship phone will do as a replacer of the Galaxies of this world.

I also used the demo version of this phone at the ZITF 2013 and I must say I was wowed by the huge screen. The screen is bigger that the G-Tel above at 5.1 inch.

However, the G-Tel above beat the Astro in resolution in my limited demo unit look see at the trade fair.

One thing that will chain this one down is that it comes with an oldish version of Android, version 4.0.2. Well the G-Tel above I believe is spotting version 4.2.2. The Latest version of Android is 4.3 but that does not matter, I have seen thousands of people content with Android 2.3 GingerBread!!!!

Number 3. Karbonn A9

A9 Karbonn

Well, I just saw a limited version of this phone because the salemen where I went thought I was a poor guy who couldnt afford such a phone!!! What Cheek, really!

But let me not let my bad brush with the salesman taint this story. The A9 from what I saw is a capable phone but is easily beaten by the two brands above.

If you are a whatsapp and opera mini type of a person, I guess this phone, (which I believe is Indian made, never mind the made in Zimbabwe tags) is a capable phone for most basic tasks.

Now Look forward to Bonus part 3, where we talk about support and customer care of these 3 firms. Believe me I have contacted them, I have met guys who have had troubles or jubilations with these guys and I will write about the support structures of these phones.


3 comments on “Why you should not buy a samsung Galaxy S3 or S4. Part Two

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  2. All these phones are really great, but I have only two things against them.

    1) Android OS Update.
    because android is an open source OS you do not and cannot get an official upgrade because Google does not recognise Gtel, which kinda sucks big time coz all your friends will be using their Jelly-Beans and you’ll be stuck with you ICS.

    Customazation (Custom Roms)
    Okay cool, you can’t get Jelly-Bean android upgrade but at least get a custom rom…wait a sec, you can’t root a Gtel phone and besides that there’re no Gtel custom roms, so that means its Gingerbread till the end! hahaha [no thanks]

    so should you really buy these phones?? well, if WhatsApp and Opera Mini are your major concerns, go for it, but if you really want more, then you might just wanna buy that Galaxy S3!

  3. stop dissing other products… just sell your product.. I was really interested in your phones till you started dissing Samsung…

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