Whatsapp adds push to talk feature as Wechat grows phenomenaly


Whatsapp, the mobile messaging giant will be rolling out updates to its massive chat app soon. Whatsapp will be rollig out a push-tochat feature that is walkie-talkie like!

This new feature, whatsapp says, represent an evolutionary growth to the app! However, this feature has been all along been a part of Wechat. Those of you who are not familiar with Wechat, this is (was) a Whatsapp copycat but it has grown to have its own features that even Whatsapp can only dream of.


This new push-to-talk feature has been Wechat’s feature all along and it seems Whatsapp is now (copying) taking inspiration from Wechat.

However, Whataspp has a massive user base and as of now 31 billion Whatsapp messages are sent on the app everyday. 350 million pictures are shared on the 300 million user base of Whatsapp.

Wechat has 400 million users worldwide and it seems to be the only threat to Whatsapp as of now.

Wechat has many features like games, stickers, live video, recorded video and a healthy e-commerce feature, things Whatsapp does not have.

Is Wechat a real threat to Whatsapp? Maybe! But I think the simplicity of Whataspp and its ease of use make it a darling of many, but without fast innovation, I see wechat overtaking this giant soon.


One comment on “Whatsapp adds push to talk feature as Wechat grows phenomenaly

  1. Wechat won’t over-take whatsApp any time soon.WhatsApp is way ahead and besides that I haven’t met anyone who actually uses Wechat, chances of someone migratin from whatsApp to Wechat are very slim if not none! The new WhatsApp update is already out, i’ve downloaded it and am very impressed with its new features, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, head over to the WhatsApp site and get it there.

    Note that the update is not yet on Google PlayStore.

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