Telecel Gets Licence, No more Excuses from Econet now

telecel promo

Finally Telecel has gotten an operating licence from news we saw from techzim website. In the news, it says that Telecel will soon release a press statement to the effect maybe tomorrow.

Since Econet was using the licensing saga as a way to block Telecel from the competition, now Telecel has a legal standing to protest ubnfair business practices against Econet.

You will remeber that the whole disconnection saga was triggered by Econet allegedly throttling down the number of calls from Telecel to Econet by a margin of 90%, Telecel claimed.

However, Telecel had already applied pressure on the Econet camp by introducing a Super Voice Promo that gives subscribers as much as 3 hours talk time.

Telecel even went as further as to use the hashtag #TellSomeBuddie to spite Econet. Now the battle for top spot can only get exciting.


7 comments on “Telecel Gets Licence, No more Excuses from Econet now

  1. Well all is good and ur ryt about telecel possibly failing to cater for the extra subscribers.On econets side their promotion is far less compared to telecel bt they have an advantage of more subscriber.So i gec we hv 2 wait and see

  2. econet is just taking advantage of its network coverage since its almost everywhere and other networks do not cover some rural areas.just hoping everything wil be wel

  3. Econet takes its customers for granted cos they were hiding nelicensing issue zvino licence yapo plus 3 hours + ,talk time bonus . Telecel zvazvinhu ngaigadzirise pamadropped calls neconnection ndopanozovarasisa

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