Econet offers “too little – too late” in bid to fight off Telecel

econet promo

Econet may have thought that the Telecel licensing saga would ensue for eternity. In fact I think Econet wished and prayed to the Network Gods in heaven to let it happen.

But in news elsewhere, we saw that Telecel has tucked neatly away the licencing issue with the governmet. In what seems like a fire fighting measure to stop the massive leakage of subscribers crossing floors for Telecel and NetOne, Econet is launching a “Activate Buddie Line and Get Double” Promotion.

What looks funny about the whole promo is that it modelled against the Telecel Promo that was effectively giving you $20 for re activating your domant line.

In the Econet Promotion, you will get a maximum of $1 airtime if you recharge your inactive sim card. You also get something like 50cents, 60cents if you recharge with the same denominations. So you effectively get double what you topped up and the maximum you can get is $1

It seems Econet not only copied but gave quite a ridiculous low figure. We dont know whether its now in Econets nature in being stingy as they are the only firm that is not offering any excting promo that will make people come back in droves to the network.

We wonder, what are your thoughts about it.


6 comments on “Econet offers “too little – too late” in bid to fight off Telecel

  1. Econet is stingy cos kana buddie zone yacho handione mabenefits acho . How can you wait for 10 pm to enjoy the zone?

  2. too stingy…!!! there’s no reason for re-activating a domant econet line,,, just join TELECEL and #TellSomeBuddie..!!

  3. Econet is fire fighting but also taking jibe @ telecel. What we will have 2 C if can telecel run & finish what they started. Right now calling someone on telecel from telecel is a job & a half. Telecel improve service then data speeds. We will keep ma econet line mu smartphone. Kutadza kuverenga ma email or even newsday pa Nokia C3 using Telecel. Then the droped calls. Asi lets wait & see.

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