Telecel openly mocks Econet! Luanches super voice bundle

telecel promo

Well even if Telecel was blocked fro accessing Econet numbers, Telecel has given people more reasons to jump the Econet ship.

Telecel has Launched the super voice bundle a promo that gives you 200 minutes talk time from Telecel to Telecel. Besides, you still get the $1 from the Mega Promo, which means you can effectively get $2 cross network call time and 3 hours Telecel to Telecel calls for just one dollar.

However, to openly throw egg on Econets face, Telecel is using the hashtag #TellSomeBuddie. If you were born yesterday and you don’t know, Buddie is Econets flagship product.

We wonder how Econet will respond to this promo as they are the only network left with their Buddie Zone Promo which forces you to call at night only.

Telecel is using that Buddie Zone weakness and on Telecel’s facebook page they actually said

Hey!!! Have you been waking up very late at night trying to get what other networks promised you? “They” promised you promotions that you can only access at night (if you are lucky).

Well, brush that aside for here comes the REAL DEAL. No need for you to wake up at night for this one… its ‪#‎wayawaya‬

Get 200 minutes for as little as $1.00 or 90 minutes for only $0.50 chetechete. Simply dial *146# to get your Telecel Super Voice Bundle.

Now you can phone your friends and relatives anytime you choose, with a proper discount of a mouth opening 98%.

What are you waiting there for?



17 comments on “Telecel openly mocks Econet! Luanches super voice bundle

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  2. OMG! 200 minutes! eish haa, that’s too much for only one dollar!!! Econet yazosara manje hehehe…#TellSomeBuddie fo sho..

  3. About time , now people can use their phones for talking at a convenient time!!

    econet needs to give something back to its subscribers

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