Netone, Telecel and Econet battle hots up

Telecel and Econet are involved in a standoff which seems to be taking ages to resolve.

However, NetOne is not sitting around and watching over the fence. NetOne is flighting press adverts informing people that NetOne is the only network that connects to all Networks in Zimbabwe.

However, this standoff seems to be benefiting Econet more than anyone else, no wonder Econet is refusing to budge.

The clients who had moved over to Telecel are probable re-using Econet to call Econet numbers.

However Telecel is not allowing Econet bully them into submission. They sent their subscribers sms messages informing them (that is us) that they will be launching value voice bundles whilst they are resolving the dispute with Econet.

Whatever those are but be sure these are cheaper calling rates. This also is a message to Econet that once once the dispute is resolved, of which it will, more cheaper calls are coming and Econet should brace for more mass defections and more calls from Telecel to Econet.

Besides, if Telecel is awarded an operating licence what other lame excuse will Econet give?

I hope to see your comments below, who knows you may get an airtime drop in your inbox

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3 comments on “Netone, Telecel and Econet battle hots up

  1. this is a case of Econet being jealous that’s all, now they’ve declared war against TELECEL, will see how this will go,,,must be interesting!

  2. Fortunately I own 3 sim cards for all the 3 and I use whichever network suits me at the given time. I hate what econet is doing though-somebody’s business may be in jeopardy because of this mess.I hope it gets resolved fast

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