Airtime Drop Competition Number One!


Yes we are giving away free airtime as we are celebrating a milestone

We have 5000 views for the month of July alone

Yes we are so ecstatic because of the phenomenal growth. Check out stats below

May – 300 views

June – 800 views

July – 5000 views

All these views coming from Google! No marketing was done! It shows we doing something right!

How Do I Win?

So what do you need to do?

Comment on this article and tell us who do you think is to blame in the Econet Telecel Dispute! 

Support your point with a cute argument and your comment may get picked up as the winning comment!

Also make sure you have like our page and if you. Live a comment (that is not off topic of course and you will receive airtime in your email inbox. We will publish the winners of the airtime by 12pm the next day


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Prizes Include

1 x $5 aitrime

1 x $2 airttime

3 X $1 airtime

Don’t forget to specify the mobile network you prefer… Tada! See the Winners Tomorrow


9 comments on “Airtime Drop Competition Number One!

  1. I think Econet is to blame, for some time now Econet has been dominating the mobile network industry with over 8 million active subscribers, but lately Telecel with their ‘too good to be true’ promotions like the Mo’ Fire promotion, Megajuice etc, things have been kinda tense between the two giants. The dispute could have been settled without terminating Telecel’s calls to Econet, the move was to damage Telecel brand image that’s all, here is a message I got from Econet..

    ‘Please be advised that interconnectivity between Econet and Telecel has been
    affected by Telecel’s non-compliance to the POTRAZ licensing requirements’

    There’s no form of apology here, Econet is cleary saying ‘Telecel didn’t re-new their licence, thus there must suffer!’

  2. Potraz potraz potraz!
    Unless its a legal jungle then yes it would take this long to resolve the issue. Econet is a player not the regulator. In the interest of the general public Y is potraz mum? What is the actual position of telecel are they or aren’t they licensed? The answer lies with potraz. They can direct econet to reconnect telecel if econet refuses only then can we blame em. Potraz doesn’t need a sitting parliament or minister to function they there thru an act of parliament & hey they have already revoked license ye spiritage which they bundled so we hear? Maybe they good @ receiving fees instead of policing.

    Potraz get yo bark & bite 2getha

    I don’t work 4 econet been loyal 2 em 4 yrs yes they big bullies and I believe they not customercentric @ all. Telecel also need to sort out their house their shareholder issues even in the local consortium. But i believe they got a future here in Zim.

    Pliz lets vote in peace!

    • Econet is a big bully, for the benefit of the people they could have given TELECEL some kind of notice, but they didn’t, they just switched ’em off…they are really feeling the heat from TELECEL and they don’t like it, Potraz played a part in this yes, but to a lesser extent!

  3. Econet might be a big bully might be all the bad things but like I said they not the regulator. Bullying others within the confines of the law would be smart on econet’s part. Potraz is there to protect me & U and the players no matter how big or small. Who directed econet to reconnect net1??? The bulk of us feel robbed by econet not jus on the telecel issue but just their service. BUT don’t hip blame where it don’t belong.

    • Potraz is the regulator, that I understand, but what I want you to understand my friend is that Potraz did not give Econet the green light to terminate interconnectivity between these two giants. Econet just woke up one day and decided it was high time Telecel should suffer, whats disturbing here is that Econet didn’t even notified TELECEL that they were switching ’em off, its us Telecel subscribers who had to call and ask what was wrong. The reason why there’s still no conectivity between Telecel and Econet today is because of Potraz, which I think is biased! Potraz know very well what this will do to Telecel but there’re doing nothing about it, they are taking their time.

      Both Econet and Potraz should take the blame, but the large portion of blame goes to Econet, why?? because they are the ones who terminated interconectivity and not Potraz!

      • I blame Econet, if you could read Econets press statement you will see that Econet took advantage of the licence issue. There is a statement were Econet says, Telecel is engaging in unsustainable market prices. Its that statement that shows that the Mega Promo from Telecel was causing headaches over at the blue coloured giant

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