Wechat comes to Nokia Asha


WeChat the massively popular Instant Messanger that copied Whatsapp has been rolled out to the Nokia Asha Range of mid range smartphones.

Wechat is very popular in China and Asia were it has something in the region of 100 million monthly active users. Outside of Asia, WeChat is enjoying a 70 million user base.

This app is the biggest threat to Whatsapp, which seems to be resisting change! However, WeChat may have started as Whatsapp copycat but it went on to add more features that hold its own! For instance there is a “Shake-and-Find” feature which allows to shake your phone and connect to other people who are shaking their phones at that instant.

WeChat also wants to expand into Africa and Latin America as it ropped in Lionel Messi as its brand ambassador.

However, one thing that may pull you off Wechat is that few of your friends or non at all use it. However, if they are using Wechat you may enjoy it as there is no “Last Seen At” or “Online Now” whatsapp like feature that makes you feel as if your privacy is being intruded.

To download Wechat on Nokia Asha Device, visit this link and be sure to check out device comaptibilty as this app seems to be for Nokia Asha Touch only for now.

These are the supported devices as of now
Nokia Asha 303/305/306/307/308/309/310/311
Nokia X3-02/C3-01

At 1.5 Mega bytes the app won’t consume gobbles of cash from your phone when downloading as 1.5 Mb is almost equivalent to 20 cents data.


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