Good news for soccer Lovers in Zimbabwe. Get soccer news without internet!


Starfish has collaborated with Econet to launch a mobie soccer results sms platform called Shasha. The platform covers soccer results from local as well as international teams and matches.

However, this is an sms platform where you are charged 49c per week to get resullts as they happen. To get started you have to:

SMS your team keyword to 34447 for just 49cents per week. Follow your team and choose from the following keywords. City, Caps, Dynamos, Manchester, Highlanders, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool.

This may come in as good news to those that do not have internet connection or when you are out in rural areas for the holidays and 3G network is just not part of those areas you are visiting.

Shasha has a mobile website and it looks silly from a computer though or desktop. However, it loos all sassy and cool on mobile devices.

Shasha has also put a notice on their website telling us that they will launch a Lifestyle section on 7 August where you can send keywords like

  • JOKE

For the same 49c/week model.

However, these sms campaings are so yesterday in these days of mobile apps. What stops you from just visiting google and typing joke and get thousands of jokes for less?

Besides the internet is not limited to 160 characters of sms and you can read long jokes. Shasha will definately try to limit message length so as to make them fit in an sms.


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