Did POTRAZ just block Facebook access as well?


In news elsewhere on the web, it was reported that POTRAZ, the country’s Telecoms regulator blocked sms from international gateways. We aslo wrote our thoughts on the issue here.

This seems to be true as over the weekend, I had some people who wished to join register on Facebook using thier mobile phones as they had no email addresses.

However, registration went smoothly but the sms with the confirmation code did not arrive. We waited for the whole day and retried but the sms was nowhere to be found.

It seems then that the move to ban sms from international gateways by the countries telecoms regulator has denied thousands of the priveledge to cennect to friends and follow news on facebook.

POTRAZ may not have intentionally blocked facebook sms, but facebook became a victim of the mass blockade on sms from international bulk sms gateways.

However, you can still open facebook using your email address if you have one. However, there are thousands of people that do not have email addresses that would like to connect


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