POTRAZ blocks spam and bulk sms from Econet?

In news elsewhere, POTRAZ has blocked bulk sms from international sms gateways.

However the sad thing is that this looks like a political move as the ban is effective until after elections.

The move has blocked http://www.kubatana.net messages. POTRAZ, it appears, was miffed by those messages that had election results back in 2008.

However, unbeknownst to them, technology has overtook sms. Zimbawe now has 1.4 million Facebook users and 4 million internet users…. Besides whatsapp is also there.

We would have been more happy if POTRAZ had banned those spam sms from Econet that have no option from opting out.

At least Econet should give us an option to send STOP and the spam stops, than to have zero options and be at Econets mercy

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One comment on “POTRAZ blocks spam and bulk sms from Econet?

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