Welcome Smartphone 2.0 Era! Our lives will never be the same again!

When Apple introduced their phone the world held its breath for the phone that did not look like a phone. The Iphone changed what the mobile landscape would look like for a long time to come.

Google jumped in and bought Android and turned it into an open source software. Samsung also joined the train by copying Iphone and making a success of it.

Today the world holds its breath when a company announces that it is launching a new phone. The Samsung galaxy S range has continued to amaze crowds with their mind boggling technologies. Yes, I have seen people coo and exhale with excitement when they see the smart stay feature on samsungs.

The HTCs, Sony Experias are also not to be outdone. However, on looking at all these changes, they are mere evolutionary. They are incremental changes from past phone models.

However that is bound to change and new technologies are bound to overcome these stunning features soon. Two very prominent technologies that may make radical, revolutionary changes to the smartphone arena are FireFox OS and Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch (Ubuntu for Android)


The makers of the most user friendly linux distro Ubuntu have foraged into the mobile OS war. They have made new and cool move that will change the way we use phones. Currently a crowdfunding pledge is running and this has already has 4 million dollars in pledges for their concept phone, the Ubuntu Edge.

What is so game changing about this phone is that you can “plug” it onto a monitor and keyboard and use it as a normal computer. When you finish, you use it as a normal Android device. Talk about convenience! I am banking on this. Even if Canonical fails to run with this one, I am sure another firm will pick this concept and run with it.

FireFox OS



Firefox the markers of the most human friendly and customisable browser have also jumped into the fray. They are making FireFox Os mainly targeting low cost and low powered devices. What may make this project a game changer is that Firefox OS runs on HTML5 the same tech that runs the websites.

Firefox OS can run on low powered devices as the FireFox OS apps are more like bookmarks that reside on your phone. The actual apps are stored at a server somewhere.

This may be the biggest draw back of FireFox as it will highly depend on the availabilty of a network for it to function. Not that this is too much of a drawback though, most apps on your phone that you use need a network anyway. However, the network has to be fast in FireFox’s case.

This does not stop the Firefox from becoming a revolutionary OS though. Networks are becoming fast everyday.

I believe these are the mobile OS that have the capability of really making as they are already there.


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