Why you should not buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3! Part One


This is a two part post! In part one we will look at:

  1. Why you should not buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3
  2. Galaxy S4 alternatives that cost less around $300

Well you may think I have gone bonkers but for many Zimbabweans the flagship Samsung phone or Apple or any top phones for that matter are actually overkill for most Zimbabweans.

Why? The Samsungs S4s of this world run on massive computational powers with their Exynos Octa-Cores. With very high pixels per density everyone wants a piece of these gadgets.

However, why am I saying do not buy them? They are overkill. Its like taking an interceptor jet to chase after a thief. You may catch the thief but you wasted cash.

Most Zimbabweans I know just use thier phones to whatsapp, Opera Mini, facebook, sm, make calls and play a few games. I rarely see heavy gamers in Zimbabwe. Besides I have seen quite a miniscule community of people who root their phones.

A dual core phone, or a quad-core phone running on the cheaper MediaTek proccessor will easily do those tasks listed above without issue. So why bleed $900 for a phone which you will use only 10% of its computational power?

Unless if you are a person who gets carried away by marketing gimmick features like the smart-stay, then you may be gullible to fork out the thousand grand.

The other reason is that price is not a reflector of quality. Someone may say since the S4 is going for $900 dollars, then a G-Tel with almost the same specs with the S4 is selling a fake. No far from it!

Below I will list reasons why the S4 is dead expensive:

  1. Samsung ans Apple of-course is a huge firm which commits billions into R&D and they have to re-coup that cash on phone sales.
  2. Samsung spends billions on advertising and that too has to be factored into the price of their phones.
  3. Samsung Apple and HTC have large numbers of employees that have to get huge salaries and that too is thrown into the price of the phone.
  4. They also have shareholders who need their dividends who wont hesitate to chop off the managers if they fail to get those.
  5. These flagship phones carry expensive exynos processors, Qualcomm, processors and Snapdragon processors. They also have Coning glass, Gorilla Glass 2, and OLED displays. These are expensive pieces of hardware. However, the MediaTek processor is also fast and good. The Amoled displays are also capable. Its like buying a BMW and a Toyota Corrolla. The BMW can do 220 Km/hr so can the Corrolla. Even though the BMW can do 360 km/hr and takes off from 0-100 km in 6 seconds, do you really need all those features or let alone use them?

Now that I have bashed the flagship phones, so what are to buy? There are lots of capable Chinese phones that you can buy that perform like the Galaxies of this world.

In my next post I will show you alternatives to the Galaxy S4 and all the flagship phones that you can buy that cost less than 300 dollars but have almost the same specs as the Galaxies of this world.


13 comments on “Why you should not buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3! Part One

  1. cant wait for those alternatives because from what I have seen these Chinese don’t come anywhere near the originals in terms of quality and performance. They end up being a huge compromise on quality and performance if you’re not just buying the flagship phones for general use alone.

    If you’re for pure perfomance and durability as well as support for the extra geeky tweaks and customisations, dont compromise on the brand. But if you’re just a simpleton user, just wanting a big phone that looks good and has decent general use (calling and texting and a few light android apps) then yah, go Zhing.

  2. Yes this post is aimed at the general user, I have a galaxy s3 but I have used very capable Zhing Zhongs and I am no longer inclined to view them as less able… they have massive power, except of course if you go for those cheap galaxy imitations at Gulf Complex or Unity Village in Byo

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  4. my frend i own a gtel 706 i broke the touchpad bt the gtel company cant fix t ,just imagine thats my only fone bt t s taking them more than a motnh just to replace t so buying international brands yu are gauranteed of availability of spare parts

  5. Sometimes its not all about perfomance, its about status, its about the brand, if you can afford an original Galaxy S3 or S4 I see no reason in buying an imitation.Besides most people are becoming geeks hey, always wanna know about rooting, custom roms etc, those imitations are really hard to root man, don’t be cheap minded, if you can afford a 900 dollar phone by all means,,,GO BUY IT…!!!!

    • Okay its true, but I was focusing on the general folks out there who are non geeks…Yes as for status that is so true, nothing boosts your status as the flagship phones

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  7. Although this samsung mobile may be priced a bit higher than other phones available in the recent market,but still it is an embodiment of advanced features which help in increasing user-friendly experience.Else one could be opting for used samsung phone for sale available in market for relatively lower prices.

  8. dude your crazy 1st the sammy soc (system on chip) doesn’t only house the cpu (central processing unti) but also houses a faster modem on top better gpu and is most likely going to last a good 2years without feeling too there is also ram 2gig of it i believe ddr2 (citation needed ) which helps with multi tasking and overall better performance and just because you use your phone for games and whatsapp there are people that use it for other things taking photos hd videos emails music and so forth now music quality in the exynos has a wolfson dac chip far better sound quality then that of the qualcom snapdragon 600 soc bte qualcom makes the snapdragon sooo do some research before posting moving on to battery life of the s4 its better then you gtel or what ever throw in a few sensor humidity temp gyro proximity and few others i dont recall and you have a flagship device that will match or out perform your average pc going to fashion statement of the mighty s4 and well it cant be measured moving on to software updates which will enhance performance and battery fux a few bugs thats my friend is the reason of owning a Samsung device not to mention they are not only robust but very strong peace of tech sure they will be worth much less two years down but if you look after them they will last much longer then 2 years unlike other Chinese counter fits they are worth the money endless features some won’t use and but when you need them they are peace out dude do your research next time

  9. Do you know any alternatives to the Samsung galaxy note 2. I want for drawing cartoons at lunch using wacom/s-pen

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