Telecel celebrates “false” victory!


I was stunned when Telecel announced that it is the fastest broadband provider. Well below is the sms Telecel sent me:

Its official, Telecel has the fastest internet speeds….

Well were is Telecel getting all this? You will be surprised that Telecel is basing all this on a “small survey” done over at TechZim, a technology blog in Zimbabwe.

In fact the survey was so small only 30 people took part in it and Telecel took to the mountains to celebrate! However, they are not alone. Even Newsday took this article and wrote a story in their newspaper about the survey. 

Well even the folks at techzim have written an update on their website informing people not to get carried away over their survey.

Below is a quote of the update on Techzim:

The survey results posted below are not scientific at all and not representative of Zimbabwe’s mobile broadband internet speeds. Far from it. This survey was just posted as an article to capture the few responses of the readers of that specific article.

The response were less than 30. This is nothing compared to at least 4.5 million mobile broadband users in Zimbabwe. While it’s clear from the data supplied that in the article how small the sample is, our title is not as clear and we are sincerely sorry about it. We do conduct proper surveys where data is collected and analysed by statisticians to draw meaningful conclusions. Surveys such as this one.

Again, we dropped the ball, and we are sorry about the incorrect impressions this created in the market. We hope by issuing this update, the data will be read in context. The title has been updated from “Zim mobile broadband speed survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband” to “Zim broadband speed mini survey results: Telecel has the fastest broadband”

Now Telecel stop celebrating. There is going to be a re-run soon. However, I guess this survey also made Econet angry as they are now causing troubles for Telecel.


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