Samsung wants to take-over Android from Google as Samsung App store grows explosively


The Samsung App Store which is independent of google has seen some phenominal growth of late.

The app store recorded that it grew 450% and 600% more apps have been downloaded as compared to last year.

These apps are being driven by the growth in Samsung sells across Africa and the rest of the world.  The app store shows you content that is localised, for instance, if you in South Africa and you open the apps, you will see different apps from someone who is in Kenya.

The other factor is that you will actually find apps that are made by local Africans and apps that address the needs of Africa.

Most apps are free. The app store is not yet as fully featured as the Google Play Store but it may be Samsungs attempt to test the waters.

Besides what will stop Samsung from making the SamsungApps the default app store on all mobile from the smartphone giant?

Well, Samsung may not exactly hijack Android but they may also be testing the waters since they want to launch their mobile OS: Tizen, which seems to have an uphill task against the likes of Ubuntu Touch, FireFox OS and Jolla!

Well, it would be nice to see Samsung “hijack” Android using such a scheme.

You can check the Samsung App Store Here


5 comments on “Samsung wants to take-over Android from Google as Samsung App store grows explosively

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  2. “hijack” Google Play Store?? I don’t think so, Samsung App Store is exclusively for Samsung devices only whereas Google Play Store is for all android devices regardless of the brand, it would be a waste of time for Samsung to compete with that, just look at Blackberry’s App World or Apples’s App Store, these stores are not a match to Google Play Store. The question then becomes, what will Samsung App Store offer that which is not offered already by, say Apple App Store, nothing!

    • You are aware though that Samsungs Tizen OS will run Android Apps? So samsung will steal android apps and make them Tizen apps. Oh, besides the Samsung App store app is installable on any Android Store, I have it on a ZTE Racers and the apps are good especially the games

      • But then who would want to install Samsung App Store when you got Google Play Store pre-installed, taking into consideration the fact that most, if not all the apps that are on Samsung App Store are found on Google Play Store, look at the content too, which Store got more apps?? Google Play Store obvious, so who would want to install Samsung App Store on for example Htc phone??

        With tizen OS, its obvious, the moment Samsung abandons Android OS is the moment their market share will drop, Samsung depends greatly on Android OS, and without it Samsung is nothing.

      • yah its true, but the way samsung is behaving leaves a lot to be desired. They may also be trying to avert a Symbian disaster again were Nokia hijacked Symbian from open source to proprietory

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