Telecel’s broadband is do boring and really slow


I am currently using Telecel as my main line and I have discovered that Telecel is so boring! Let me repeat that loudly. TELECL IS SO BORING!

Well, lured by Telecel Mega Promo, I jumped onto the bandwagon and I loved it. Soon, things started to take a nosedive to the wolves. Econet bitched up Telecel and we forgive Telecel for this. But most people had the impression it was Telecel’s fault.

However, as a heavy internet user, I was also pleased to see that for bundles of $10 or more you get double data. My joy started and stopped there.

I was tempted to throw my phone towards the Telecel booster countless time due to sheer frustration at the lesuirely pace in which pages loaded. To make matters worse, I was using the Opera Mini which compresses data so much. Still with so much data shrunk into a tinsy knot, Telecel still struggled to load.

I then resorted to noctunal browsing but who wants to lose sleep over the internet, besides stories of Satanists flying thick and furious everywhere I wouldn’t want to be found awake when they strike.

How about if I had resorted to using Chrome! I am sure Telecel would have collapsed from the sheer volume of data.

Telecel is good for things like whatsapp, or occassionally browsing the internet.

For heavy internet use, where speed is of paramount importance to you, look elsewhere. The Telecel party has no powerful broadband oil to kep you going.


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