How to pay for BiNu Credits


Now that Binu has chopped off the free sms option on binu, the only option left if you want to use binu is buying the credits. The credits are not so expensive. Each Binu SMS costs a mere 2 cents whether it is being sent to USA or Zimbabwe

(This is for Ecocash Subscribers Only)

On you phone follow the instructions below:

1. Dial *151*200#

2. Enter your Ecocash PIN

3. Choose Option 2, which is Pay Merchant

4. Enter 10247 as the Binu Merchant Code

5. Enter 1 for $1 worth of credits (Enter 0.5 for 50 cents credits)

6. Enter 1 to confirm transaction

Note: You can use these credits for more than just sms, you buy  e-books on  BINU! All other binu srvices remain free however.


6 comments on “How to pay for BiNu Credits

  1. Nice info but only local SMS cost 2cents, international SMS costs 4 cents. I also wanna add the fact that even if you don’t have use ecocash you can have someone buy the SMSs using their own account and transfer them to you

  2. I paid hundred naira throught my phone, but i wasnt given binu credit yesterday night. I click on binu credit, buy credit, mobile, mtn, 48 credit for #100. Am confused about this binu, pls any help

  3. I used binu credit to recharge on my number i use 167 credits =100INR but i dint get my recharge on my number why whats the problem behind this plz tell me…thnku

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