Africom thinks Guroo is big and cool!


I was shocked (now that SABC Channels have gone zilch) to see Africom’s adverts on ZBC TV! Not that its really amazing, but that is throwing good money after bad apples.

Besides, Africom has splashed cash on web banner ads, press banners ( I mean, really huge banners)! Well, I mantain that Africom is shooting itself in the foot here!

Instead of them to go for marketing their cheap and very good voice telephony they waste money on promoting a “niche” product that does ot have mass appeall. In fact, the process of acquiring gu-roo is cumbersome for the common man on the street.

You have to install some software, juice up your phone or buy data bundles and pay Africom again (using credit cards) to call on the gu-roo system!

Well Africom could appeal to the mass market, the youth, the low income earners with deals like get a smartphone for say $30/month and get a phone plus unlimited data. Such a move would enamel Africom with the young who are data centric, it’s such a move that will make Africom appear pro poor!

Africom should be capitalising on the Econet’s expensive deals that go for as much as $100 dollars per month for a phone!

There is the Huawei Ascend W1 that costs 200 dollars which is CDMA (The Tech Africom runs on) that they can use for these deals to the young.

Infact…. no, let me end here before I get angry and punch this computer! Africom wake up and taste the hot coffee, sip and enjoy, than to focus on guroo a service that will  be used by two people and their geek crazy friends!

Besides how many Zimbabweans really own smartphones?


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