So jealousy Econet is Bitching up Telecel?

Telecel has sent us an sms informing us that a mobile network operator (read Econet) is having problems connecting calls from Telecel to Econet.

I was having problems making calls to Econet and I thought maybe Telecel was suffering from the huge number of subscribers that had swamped them due to their promo that effectively halved the price of calls.

It seems Econet is the deal spoiler because this has been going on for quite some time now.

Its not amazing, Econet is capable of doing it, they once switched of interconnection with NetOne raising a widespread condemnation.

We wait to hear how this pans out.

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8 comments on “So jealousy Econet is Bitching up Telecel?

  1. Kikiki
    ah is that whats happening also thot the telecel network was swamped. Isnt telecel pay the interconnection fees? On another case didnt netone say there is no interconnection agreement in Zim? What is Potraz’s position on interconnection & fees themselves.
    But lani Telecel up yo game nje give us a mahala weekend or day nje jus to bhohwesa…… Kikiki.
    Ko competition & tarrifs commission irikutiwo chii? Most of these regulators & consumer protection organisations are toothless & worse “barkless”
    isu hedu tiripo paTelecel we say thank U but we been active & we not enjoying chimbotipayiwo ma $10 kikiki

    • “Econet inspired to bully everyone”
      I have noticed a growing and festering trend with Econet Wireless it seems that their size has gotten to their heads and they are now playing false with their own customers as well as those from other networks trying to connect to their network. Their brazen disregard of their own subscribers as well as those trying to connect on their network in the face of their recent official Facebook announcement that says they have disconnected Telecel because they do not have a valid licence makes for sad reading,
      My take is that Econet are uncomfortable playing on a level field and they have decided to use the licence issue to hide their real intention, setting up a telecoms monopoly with no real healthy competition so that they can charge ridiculous tariffs.
      POTRAZ, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, needs to smell the coffee and move in with the necessary force to call Econet out and remind them that there is only one regulator. Econet’s continued arrogance flies in the face of POTRAZ’s mandate and pay-off line, “creating a level playing field”. This direct challenge cannot go unpunished.
      After a lot of soul searching I have finally reached the conclusion that a traceable trend is emerging and festering like a cancerous wound. Econet doesn’t play fair despite their oft repeated mantra “Inspired to change your world”, somewhere along the line they have disconnected, pardon the pan, from their Christian, customer-centric values and have morphed into a hideous capitalist big brother bully hiding behind the finger of their historical goodwill.
      You needn’t look far for recent examples. Their treatment of their own suppliers, customers in the face of late payments, wrongly charged tariffs, and their recent wanton disconnection of the entire Net*One subscriber-base over monies owed point to the tip of an iceberg that will be sure to emerge soon and sink them like the unsinkable Titanic.
      Their monopolistic tendencies reflect a failure to adapt and they only need to ask the dinosaur what happens when you refuse to evolve.
      They have lost my vote of confidence and I am chucking my formerly prized SIM card into the dustbin and moving to a network that values my connectivity, patronage, a network that respects fair trade practices and basic business ethics.
      I am shocked that Strive Masiyiwa’s vision, leadership have been defiled by short-term political expedience. Who doesn’t remember Econet fighting, too, to get a licence and the support from the masses that identified with them now the shoe is on the other side. The late, Joshua Nkomo, must be turning in his grave after seeing what a monster the baby he helped deliver has become.
      Marwadzo Mafirakureva

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