Telecel suffers from stage fright, coughs and stutters as more people jostle to watch show

Well Telecel has been enjoying the cheapest cross network rates and I saw a number of people buying Telecel lines. In fact, Telecel hasd become my primary line of late as I am using it more and more.

(Aside: We don’t know what will happen of Telecel since Orascom reps are in the country and they said that, Telecel Zimbabwe is producing insignificant earnings to the whole group. )

However, broadband survey results aside, my journey with Telecel is dropping quite a bit in terms of excitement. Yes, when I started using the Telecel line, I saw some really sterling speeds and call quality. But of late, the speeds are no longer up to scratch. I have more times stared at my browser struggling to load facebook, even when using data compresion software like Onavo and Opear Mini.

I suspect the huge numbers swelling the Telecel Network may be the cause. I have also started seeing the message “call failed” a lot these days and some “Operation failed” when checking my data bundles.

Of cause the survey pointed out that the Telecel network is faster but I think it captured “a moment in time” when Telecel, due to some circumstances was ahead of them all.

Even comments from the newsday article showed that the survey did not convey a true result on the ground.

Some people commented as such:

How true is the survey?i´’ve been using telecel&econet for smetime,compared to the two ~hayi bo econet´s more faster than telecel.

Econet is the fastest dont lie guys l hve the telecel line its only good on bonus airtime,zve internet kanganwai

use telecel on my ipad thats a lie, telecel is so slow and at times you wont even be able to connect, i use both econet and telecel econet is faster but very expensive compared to telecel coz for $10 you get more data than terms of speed telecel apana zwiripo pa price yes

Once used econet but now i’”m using telecel because of promotions. In my opinion econet is much faster and stable.

Ita mushe munyori telecel yakadhakwa painternet and it bills you incorrectly.I only use telecel to make international calls and to take advantage of the bonus but not for internet use.I use Econet for internet because its fast and more reliable

With all these comments I can only say that it seems Telecel is not that fast and the broadband survey did not capture the true happening on the ground. Telecel seems to be smarting from all the attention it is getting from the people and it seems to  have forgetten its lines due to some heavy stage fright.

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