Caution! Smartphone usage can kill! IPhone explosion claims one!

Chinese news agency reported that a 23-year-old Ma Ailun – a former flight attendant – was electrocuted to death on Thursday, when she answered a call on her iPhone 5, while it was charging.

Several reports of exploding smartphones have come to light over recent months, with the latest incident being fatal.


Well the news was that she got a powerful electric shock whilst charging her phone and answering it at the same time. The unfortunate incident has fueled rumors on the net that this could be a false story or a hoax.

This story comes on the back of another Iphone story that his phone exploded whilst he was sleeping destroying his bed whilst almost killing him.


Now it seems Iphone is gettimng some negative press in China and the world over. There are lots of news of phones exploding, injuring and killing their owners in the process. But this rise in “Iphone” news may be driven by the Chinese government.

The Chinese are not happy that mobile OS are controlled by America and they engaged in a smear campaign that back fired on them when it leaked that they were sponsoring people to denigrate Apple and its I-things.

Well, there may be truth but the fact that China is actively developing its OS in conjuction with Canonical the makers of Ubuntu Touch, may make you take these news with a bucket load of salt.

It appears to me that China wants to create a smooth landing for their OS so by painting the Iphones and everything American in the baddest of lights.

Why, I wonder are these news and happenings being spotted in Asian countries, mainly China. It leaves you with a suspicious feeling.

However, you have to err on the side of caution. Here are some safety features to follow when using or charging your phone

  • Avoid sleeping with your phone under the pillow
  • Avoid using your phone whilst it is charging, especially when it has a metal casing
  • Do not overcharge your phone.
  • When your phone heats up whilst using it, try to get it repaired
  • Avoid buying Iphone clone phones or fake batteries

Hope yopu remain safe as smartphones have become a new hazard.


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