Wifi Offloading! Why are Telecel, Econet and NetOne not bitting?



In these days of data hungry phones, data hungry people (now people have dozens of computers in their phones: smartphones, tablets, laptop) Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have to come up with strategies that reduce the heavy demand on the network. In-fact they do not have to come up with anything, it’s already there, they just have to grab and dash.

One technology that they have to grab is Wifi Offloading. This technology in simple terms is when the MNOs set up wifi hotspots on a wide area or mass scale. Some areas that they can set up wifi hotspots are busy areas or upmarket areas like Joina City, Roadport, East Gate Mall etc.

However, instead of you accessing the internet using the data bundles, you access it using the wifi network. There have to be a way for MNOs to charge you for accessing the net via their wifi network. This has to be cheaper, say $1 for one gig of data. That way, this will reduce stress on the voice network and those boosters or repeaters will not drop calls due to massive data that they will be processing.

However barriers to this wifi offloading thing is that it takes money, lots of it to deploy wifi over a wide area, especially outdoors.

However, the positives far out-weigh the costs. One clients will stick to the MNO and this will increase customer loyalty.

Also this will increase revenues to the MNOs as people will also engage in more data intensive activities like skype, videos, video conferencing e.t.c!

Well we hope to see this thing soon in Zimbabwe as we so last time that Econet has introduced LTE and we hope to see more firsts from MNOs in this country.


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