Airtime Sharing! Sending airtime from the diaspora to your friends in Zimbabwe has never been this easy!



I stumbled across this website that allows you (no, it allows your relatives in the diaspora) to send you airtime instantly right from their respective countries. Well, they can send NetOne, Telecel or Econet airtime.

The target market for this company are people in the diaspora who are highly likely to have credit cards so don’t be shocked to see that payment methods are credit cards only.

But, it doesn’t stop you from using the same service to send people airtime to your loved ones when you are roaming in foreign lands. However, there is a charge to using the service and you will be wise to just use Ecocash if you are in Zimbabwe.

In fact below is a tip from them

  • If you are sending airtime to just 1 mobile number, it will cost you the same amount to send $2 or $10. Save on transfer fees by sending more airtime at once!

  • It’s cheaper to send airtime to more than 1 mobile number in the same order. For example, sending airtime to 3 mobile numbers in the same order will only cost you $0.95

However, like I said, this service is meant to serve those in the diaspora. Your job is to tell them to send them airtime. Tell them to do it now.

It’s nice to see Zimbabweans implementing innovative solutions like this that solve real problems out there. We also wrote about the Mukuru app here that allows the diaspora community to send cash and chat as well. Now another platform airtime-sharing has jumped into the waters making the swim good for all Zimbabweans. This is a good thing and we hope they grow than to collapse like lendme, one company that seemed clueless and aimless with no proper strategy, no wonder they closed shop.

So tell your relatives to send you cash all the way from the UK, USA, SA and were ever they are.

(Update: It seems the system has a bug as you  as yet cannot send airtime from the webpage, you cannot reach the Checkout page)


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