Africom brings shocking rock bottom internet prices


If you are on Africom, or even if you are not, you will love Africom. They have reduced prices in a way that will make Econet, Telecel and everyone else take stock of what they are offering. At just $35 dollars unlimited access I think you really have a bargain. Before you would cough up $25 for one gig of data. On Econet, you part ways with $50 for a mere 2.5Gig of data.

This is a promo though and I think Africom is testing the waters with the unlimited thing before they make it an ongoing promo. well, if the Network will get too congested they will pull the promo away.

We once bashed Africom here for focusing on niche markets instead of taking the competition head on. Well, it seams they read these blogs and take advice. Now they have taken the bull by its horns and this is a good move.

This move will affect Powertel the most as any Powertel modems use CDMA the very same Technology Africom uses and just plug your Africom “SIM” card! Technically it’s not called a SIM card but to hell with tech jargon, this is a common man on the street blog.

However, before you throw away Powertel and its slow network you need to read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS from Powertel really good as you may find your self in a tight spot. Make sure you read this post here from another tech blog.


2 comments on “Africom brings shocking rock bottom internet prices

  1. too good to be true…but you know what they say, ‘with cheap prices come poor services’, how realiable is Africom really?? the last thing I would want is spent 10minutes opening a simple facebook page…

    • Well Africom is way better than Powertel and it is pretty fast, besides its a promo and they are trying to raise brand awareness…I personally prefer Econet. Its faster than Africom

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