Memory cards! Should you worry about the one in your phone right now?


The answer to the above question is yes! You should get worried. Reason number one is that a memory card has a lifespan on average they perfom 10 000 to 50 000 read/write sessions before they die a natural death. Yes so each time you play music, take a photo your card is nearing its death.

However, not to alarm you unnecesarily, let me give you some major tips to keep your memory card in ship-shape.

  1. The best memory card is the one your phone shipped with. Or the same brand if you need a replacement. Before using a memory card, first format it so that the file system is compatible with your Operating System
  2. Avoid at all cost frequently swapping memory cards between different phones, these can result in memory card failure and you could lose all your valuable data. I lost hundreds of photos, music (mostly pirated of course) documents that were on my card whem it went bust on me
  3. Do not yank out the card from your phone. Eject it out properly. If you are n modern Oprerating Systems like Android, Windows or IOS, there is a function to safely remove your card. Don’t just pull it out. It may lead to data corruption. Removing a card from a system while the phone or computer is reading or writing to it can lead to data loss.
  4. Avoid overheating your memory card. Yes this may sound silly, who would put his/her phone in the fire? It’s easy to forget your phone in the car on hot day. Playing processor intensive games for a long time can also make the phone hot inside, subjecting your card to very high temperatures. Also, leaving your card on the laptop or computer USB port for a long time can lead to overheating.
  5. Do not leave your card on a computer USB port whilst switching off your phone. I don’t know how exactly it happens but it has a tendency of corrupting your data.
  6. Avoid using those imitation memory cards from China, they have a tendency of just collapsing with no apparent reason.
  7. Do not force in a card into the computer, this can see you snapping the card into two pieces. If a card is resisting to enter the phone, either you are holding it at a wrong angle or its upside down.
  8. If you have a spare memory card or a computer, frequently format your card so that the file system is always intact and you wipe out disk errors.

When the worst comes to the worst and your card is refusing to read or write, just format the whole thing and loose all your data. It happens. However taking good care of your card will reduce the pain caused by loosing valuable data.However, you can always resort to data recovery softwares and that is an article for some other day.

Some good memory cards that I have used are SanDisk and Kingston. Those are pricey than the Chinese stuff but once you lose your data then you will see that buying something original is best!


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