How to unlock your phone after you forget the lock-screen pattern


One day my friend come to me worried. She had went down South and bought a smartphone. A Galaxy S3! She was ecstatic, since it was her first phone! She had forget what pattern she used to unlock the phone, after trying for 15 times the phone totaly clammed up, it refused to entertain any further trials!

Well this is what most people do. After trying the lock screen, they get so excited they secure their phone using complex patterns that even them fail to remember. Especially first time Android users have the tendency to overdo things.

So what do you do if you forget completely the lock screen pattern? This is when your google email password and account name come in handy! after you forget and attempting a number of times the wrong pattern, the phones will give you some seconds before giving you a second round of attempts, or it tells you to login with your google password and email address.

However the correct password and email may not work, especially if you have a two user accounts on your phone. Even having an app, especially the facebook app has a tendency of making your phone reject the correct password/account name even if they are correct.

In such a scenerio, there is no other solution than to hard wipe/factory reset your phone!

So how do you do it. It is fairly easy! However, each phone has its own combination. You have to use google on this one. Google “factory reset NAME -OF-PHONE” and you will get the method.


  • However, usually you swicth off the phone. Or if it’s refusing to be switched off (Its highly unlikely though) yank the battery out!
  • You either long press the power button, whilst simulatenously holding down the volume-up or volume down or even both until your phone boots in “recovery mode”
  • Some phones you will ahve to press the home button, if they have one (Samsung)
  • Continue the long presses on whtaever buttons untill the phone boots in recovery mode.
  • Thereafter you have to use the volume up or down to scroll and the power or home button to make elections.
  • Scroll to factory wipe and…

Horror of horrors, you lose all your data that is saved in the phone memory. However data on the momory card is safe. Trouble to those that have phones that do not have memory cards arises here.

Well, if its really hard and you can’t do it, buy me a Marinated BBQ Steak Pizza and its all done for you…. FREE OF CHARGE!


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