How to enter the Econet Facebook Promotion


Econet is running a facebook promotion in a bid to boost its facebook page likes and brand recognition!  With 253 000 likes, the Econet page is one of the most liked pages in Zimbabwe.

This promo works even if you are accessing the page from a mobile browser, however to register to be part of the promo, you have to do it on a desktop computer.

# You have to be 16 years or more of age

#The competition ends on the 8th of August 2013

# Prize winners are announced on Friday, ever week


  1. Visit the Econet facebook page, using a desktop browser not Opera Mini on your phone!
  2. Like the page and you get 20 points just for liking the page!
  3. After liking the page, open it and you will see the huge Econet Logo. Underneath that look for a small tab written “Promotions”. Click it!
  4. You are taken to the Econet Promotions page/app. Once there you asked to enter your Econet phone Number
  5. After doing that, you are taken to a page were you see your weekly total. You already have 20 points as you have already liked the page. As of writing the competition is in week five!
  6. You can browse the tabs there, like how it works? Leader board ( were you will be stunned to see top scorers with as much as 70 000 points)
  7. Don’t fret though, accumulating points is easy! You can, in the “Invite Friends tab” Invite all your friends who haven’t liked the facebook page and each person you succesfully pull over will earn you 15 points!
  8. You can also get a further 20 points by answering a simple weekly quiz question

Now you can head over to your cost conscious Opera Mini, by just liking, commenting and sharing Econet’s posts you earn points each time you do that.

However, if you want to check the leaderboard or the number of points you have you have to go to a desktop computer.

Now get liking the Econet page and enjoy the following weekly prices

  • 5 x Huawei Ascend Y100
  • huawei-ascend-y100__zoom
  • 10  Internet Dongles
  • new_econet_dongle_inside1
  • 20 x $5 Airtime
  • us-5-econettopup

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